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Together in the Hunger Race with SOS Faim

Julie BATIN |

SOA People is supporting our two consultants who are participating in the Hunger Race, held in Bouillon in Belgium on 18 September 2021, to help raise funds for the SOS Faim initiative. We invite you to also support them in this incredible challenge.

Youri Claes and Henry Baelden, our 2 FI-CO consultants, have founded a team of 4 People with two other friends, to participate in the Hunger Race. Not only will it give them the fulfillment of achieving this famous sportive and human challenge, but more importantly gives them the opportunity to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause. SOS Faim is a Belgian development NGO that has been active since 1964 and aims to support peasant agriculture worldwide in the fight against hunger and poverty, in partnership with other local organisations. We invite you to discover more about this active association that is developing missions among 4 domains - irrigation, microfinance, agroecology and agricultural policies :

Why participating to Hunger Race?

Youri: At the end of 2018, SOA People had ended their annual briefing with the statement, "If you ever want to share a good cause that you care about, you can share it with us." I thought it was a great opportunity to help SOA People in its corporate social responsibility efforts and told them about the Hunger Race, a race that mixes sports betting with a noble cause. Personally, it is as much to take up a sporting challenge as to raise awareness of the challenges in third world countries, whose aid has been drastically reduced with the crisis and this despite increasingly difficult climatic conditions.
Henry: the setting is great and the cause is right, you rarely need more.

How do you prepare to this Race?

We are running every week and try a bit of weight training.

What do you expect?

Youri: to be able to bring a company together around a cause and to be able to put on a great sporting performance.
Henry: Never fail and be able to set a good time against our colleagues.

Find the link to support the team by making a donation:


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