Use our S/4HANA assessment to create an informed IT budget for 2019

    Paul Smitherman |

    As an IT manager you typically face a lot of pressure at this time of year as budgeting takes centre stage in time for 2019. Different business departments are all trying to claim a piece of your budget with their own priorities.

    The decision to migrate to SAP S/4HANA is increasingly at the top of the agenda, with the 2025 deadline for transition fast approaching. But trying to get oversight of not only the anticipated business value but the implications and process that an S/4HANA transition will have on your business can be complex. There are a number of options available to you while you are planning budgets; do nothing, plan to start a project at some point in the near future or move forward now. These different paths will all have diverse implications on your budget and time frames.

    So where can you start?

    You’ll probably benefit from some expert SAP and technical knowledge to support your S/4HANA decision making, giving you the confidence to launch and drive a project like this forward. At SOA People we’re in the business of helping people drive these tough decisions; our SAP experts will work with you to establish the estimated true business value of an S/4HANA migration, helping you understand the benefits and functionality you can derive, as well as giving you a realistic oversight of time frames and costs.

    A tried and tested formula that works – We do the hard work!

    Our approach is straight-forward and has already worked successfully time and time again with many of our SAP customers. Within a very short timeframe we’ll work with you to gather technical and functional assessments. We will then run a one day workshop that will help you make an informed decision about your S/4HANA strategy, budget and migration plans.

    We will do all the hard graft in around 20 man days, but this process will only take two or three days of your time together with input from your key finance, logistical and technical people. We’ll assess your business requirements, demonstrate the value of migrating to S/4HANA and establish targets for the transition with appropriate time lines. We will then be in a position to make budgetary recommendations.

    And what will you get….

    Our assessment covers everything you need to know, from licencing agreements, functionality, architecture through to hardware, data volumes and your hosting arrangements which we can assist with through our partner T-Systems.

    This thorough deep dive exercise will give you the analysis needed to make the right, informed budgetary decisions ahead of 2019.

    Talk to us about your S/4HANA plans and let us do all the groundwork for you.

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