More often than not, an organisations first SAP implementation doesn’t end up covering all business requirements or delivering the full range of potential benefits that it could.

This may be due to budget constraints, tight deadlines or new functionality introduced with the latest technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA.

As a result, organisations can face a number of additional challenges such as:

  • Outdated process execution of SAP processes, no longer aligned with business processes
  • Multiple deviations from best practices, inherited form past implementations
  • An outdated user experience that is not aligned to a modern solution
  • Outdated, non-tailored reporting
  • A lack of user knowledge
  • Loss of competences in SAP teams

To face these challenges and explore the options available to combat them within the SAP business suite, you need consultants with extensive knowledge of each relevant part of SAP.

Get the full SAP suite – Ready to Perform

Ready to Perform is dedicated to improving your current SAP implementation and covers several topics and industries across the full raft of SAP solutions including:

  • Sales & distribution
  • Finance
  • Customer Engagement
  • Supply chain management
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Production
  • Business Intelligence
  • Supply chain management
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Production
  • Business Intelligence

Get the best performance possible from your SAP solutions

One key area that requires a specialist approach and true expertise is Business Intelligence and Analytics.
Ready to Perform – Business Intelligence & Analytics
Through our Ready to Perform offering, SOA People can gives you the best performance of your SAP system by providing:

  • Assessment of your current SAP implementation and usage around different areas including organisation, processes, level of knowledge, documentation and reporting
  • Setup of roadmaps, action plans and optimization projects on the basis of assessments
  • Implementation/re-implementation of processes using business best practices
  • End users / key users training & coaching
  • Roadmaps based on the latest SAP innovations

Ready to Perform is the best approach to ensure short term added value to your SAP solution through:

  • Rapid analysis to understand your current solution and requirements
  • Evaluation of add-on projects to organise
  • Realisation by experts

We deliver specific knowledge in areas relevant to your business. We will assess your current needs, align them with the roadmap of each area of the SAP solution and give you tailor-made advice on how to move both your SAP implementation, and your organization, forward.

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Discover the New generation of Business Intelligence

Many companies already have analytics in place, but often the solutions in use are not answering their needs. There’s a lack of real-time reports, the interface is not user friendly, the set-up is overly complex and functionalities are missing. Many current solutions are not aligned with the latest SAP Roadmap.

SOA People’s Ready to Perform Business Intelligence solution starts from your current situation and helps identify the ideal BI Roadmap.

Organisations need a Business Intelligence Solution that is easy enough for anybody in the organization to adopt to gain agility and give insights, collaborate and drive a more profitable business.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Why SOA People?

SOA People has built its expertise thanks to numerous implementation/optimization projects. As part of the Ready to Perform solution, SOA people provides:

  • Business experience on your specific industry sector
  • Project experience in performance optimization
  • A thorough understanding of latest best practices
  • Deep knowledge of the latest SAP innovations
  • Best total cost of ownership thanks to the usage of appropriated resources

Proven excellence

SOA people invests significantly in SAP training and innovation for all its resources. As a SAP Gold partner we have been awarded by SAP, through numerous customer projects including:


  • Gold winner (Innovation) with SABENA Technics
  • Excellence Winner (Innovation) with BIA
  • SAP Accreditation for Partner Quality Program
  • SAP quality award for the best SMB project at Innothera

As a 100% SAP partner across all SAP solutions and industries, SOA People is a partner of excellence.

Our experts

With more than 500 consultants around Europe, many of whom have more than 15 years’ experience, we’ve built solutions, methodology and tools to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction. More importantly, we use this strong internal knowledge and continue to use it year after year to train new starters.

By using a strong, proven methodology, our consultants and our organisation are able to provide the best solutions from quick, small project to large enhancement projects.

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