Supporting Complex Transformational to Smaller Niche projects

Our industry experience spans across all sectors with deep business knowledge. SOA People has the European scale and specialist expertise to support SAP projects of all sizes.

SAP private cloud hosting

Gain the advantage of true stability and flexibility

When considering SAP hosting, guaranteeing the end to end availability, stability and performance of the total SAP landscape in a private cloud model is a considerable challenge. Having the flexibility to scale up and down on demand in line with requirement, and optimising total cost of ownership is not straightforward.

Organizations often won’t have the required expertise and infrastructure in-house and need a trusted advisor for future innovations and improvements.

High level experts + state of the art hardware = continuous availability

The SAP Private Cloud Hosting solution ensures continuous availability of your systems through a combination of SOA People’s end-to-end commitment and pragmatic approach with the economies of scale and industrialization of the T-systems platform. All in a low investment, value for money solution.

  • Flexible provisioning of infrastructure and connectivity for an SAP landscape
  • Monitoring and guarantee of availability and performance
  • Complete solution at a fixed monthly fee
  • Economy of scale & industrialization of services (Usage of Tier3+ datacenters)
  • Multi-customer platform with a unique flexibility (upscale / downscale)
  • SAP HANA integrated in a cost efficient way
  • Guarantee of a large player (T-Systems) continuity of service guaranteed
  • Technical support services on SAP and infrastructure
  • 24/ required by SME customers)

In addition, SOA people have a direct collaboration with T-Systems:

  • T-Systems is focussed on SAP hosting (Large enterprise focus)
  • A highly industrialized platform (more than 2.7 million SAP users)
  • Flexible up and downscaling
  • HANA integrated in the model
  • State of the art infrastructure

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SAP Technical Application Management/Monitoring

A trusted advisor for affordable reliability

Guaranteeing availability, stability and performance of the total SAP landscape in an on premise model or at a SAP agnostic external hosting centre is no easy task. Smaller organizations cannot afford an effective internal technical team that can handle SAP and as such need a trusted advisor for future improvements and process innovation.
SAP support requires more and more technical skills. In addition, you need to consider

  • New technologies (e.g. HANA, Fiori)
  • New products in non-Netweaver technologies (e.g. Hybris, Ariba, …)
  • Complex landscapes and migrations

Trusted technical and on-site support

The SAP Technical application Management & Monitoring solution offers SAP Technical Monitoring, technical Incident and alert handling, small change request handling, SAP administration and 24×7 support and monitoring.

Our dedicated SAP technical support centre in Nieuwegein – based on SAP Solution Manager tools and processes – is complimented with on-site support delivered by local SAP technical consultants as required.

Organisations using the SAP Technical application Management/Monitoring solution benefit from:

  • Migration support towards innovative technologies
  • Synergy between BC and functional support
  • Process and industrialization in Technical SAP management
  • Monitoring, 24/7 stand-by, high level of responsiveness, variable capacity
  • Senior local (language) consultants in the front-end (customer facing)
  • SOA People’s close collaboration with functional support

Certified support at the most cost effective price

  • SAP Technical Service Centre at critical mass
    • SOA People has a SAP certified Service Desk
    • Dedicated SAP Technical Service Centre in Nieuwegein
    • SAP solution Manager, tools and processes
    • Critical mass
  • Solid expertise
    • We make use of an optimal resource mix
    • Highly qualified technical SAP consultants
    • Many years of (SAP) expertise

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SAP Functional Application Management

Remain responsive and agile… but at minimal cost

Functional application management is a complex area of SAP. Organisations need access to effective SAP support with a strong focus on Business Process effectiveness and efficiency but at minimum cost – especially for any processes that have a direct impact on business partners.

Being able to respond quickly and effectively to change requests, but under strict budgetary control, is particularly important.

Smaller organizations may not have an internal functional team capable of handling this and as such a trusted third party is often a must-have for future improvements and process innovation.

Functional support and development

SOA People’s traditional core offering

Functional support is SOA People’s is primary service offering, covering incident handling (corrections), small change request handling and advanced support questions (3rd line user support).

The service offers a dedicated remote support team (based on ITIL processes), and the use of SAP solution Manager as a service request management system. This can be complemented with on-site support.

Our four key values

We have a strong, rich heritage in this area.

Responsiveness in case of high priority incidents

Cost control on planned activities (process & industrialization)

Predictable, reliable service

Expert advice for the future

Our customers take advantage of our four key values:

  • Dedicated support at for optimal cost
    Dedicated SAP Support organisation
  • SOA People has a SAP certified Service Desk
  • ITIL processes
  • Critical mass (more than 140 customers)
  • Solid expertise
    • We make use of an optimal resource mix
    • SOA People Academy
    • Many years of (SAP) expertise

Choose the experts… choose SOA People

SOA People are the experts in SAP. We can offer a one stop shop model, covering licences, functional, technical Application Management and SAP hosting. SOA have close collaborations with functional and technical support, many years of experience, a critical mass of customers and proven expertise in Innovative SAP technologies.

  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Accolade of PCOE (Partner Center of Expertise) in SAP
  • Broad certifications of SAP software/Validated Expertise
  • SAS70 certified, ISAE3402 certified
  • 100% focussed on SAP.
  • Direct access to our SAP organisation (innovation/state of the art SAP solutions)
  • Proven expertise Innovative SAP technologies