SOA People support AS Watson to stabilises Its business object environments 24/7

AS Watson turned to SAP specialist SOA People for help in optimising its SAP Business Objects environment. The firm required an SAP expert and already had prior knowledge of the credibility of SOA People. It was confident the team had the skills and capability to both improve and leverage the power of its SAP Business Objects platform.


AS Watson Group is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer with 15,000 stores in 25 markets, established in Hong Kong in 1841. With over 140,000 employees globally, AS Watson has some 5.3 billion customers shopping online and in store across 12 retail brands.


AS Watson deploys SAP Business Objects for helping manage its operations and logistics side of the business and as a business intelligence platform for reporting and analytics. However, it was experiencing an increasing number of business-critical issues within the SAP Business Objects environment. These technical and functional issues were preventing the operational and logistical departments from running smoothly and putting the IT department under immense pressure to find resolutions quickly.

Marten van der Bijl, Head of Central Systems and ETL/BI for Group IT Europe at AS Watson explains, “With over a thousand stores in the Netherlands alone, and users across Europe, our SAP Business Objects environment was not running at the level of quality and production that we needed for our operations.”


  • AS Watson gets trusted technical and on-site support for SAP Business Objects with a technical application management and monitoring service, that provides change request handling, technical incidents and automated alerts, administration and planned 24x7 (currently out of business hours) support and monitoring.
  • With a more stable and reliable SAP Business Objects environment AS Watson ensures that its logistics process is handled in a smoother way
  • Responsibility for technical glitches in the landscape now lies with SOA People’s support team leaving AS Watson to carry out business-as-usual activities

Marten concludes, “We want to move to a full 24/7 complex pro-active monitoring of our SAP Business Objects environment which will be able to recognise when a problem or issue occurs or when thresholds are reached. We are currently working with SOA People collaboratively to achieve this, by adding one of the first Business Objects environments into the Solution Manager suite.”

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