Digital HR transformation achieves new levels of collaboration

Encevo made the decision to implement SAP SuccessFactors over other software vendors including Workday, for its HR cloud-based management solution as this was most aligned to the Group’s needs in terms of predicted employee satisfaction and would integrate more easily into its existing SAP corporate systems.

Following a rigorous RFP process, SOA People was chosen as the Group’s implementation partner. SOA People had prior knowledge of the Group’s IT landscape and provided reassurance that the consultant skills and resources matched the requirements of the client. Its size was also a factor as SOA People was a leading European partner with international reach, with the capacity to manage the project and accommodate any unforeseen changes without too much disruption to the implementation.


The Encevo Group is a leading energy provider in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium. The group employs a workforce of over 1,900 employees, operating over 300,000 delivery points for electricity and natural gas and more than 10,400 km of electrical power lines and gas lines.

Its three pillars are represented by energy supply and the production of renewable energies, grid operation and energy related services.


As part of its overall HR strategy, The Encevo Group wanted to foster its talent management strategy based on 5 pillars: talent sourcing, performance management, succession planning, career management and employee development. The latest HR software should increase employee engagement and drive human connections, building a culture of sharing and self-service connectivity using modern HR software and collaboration tools.

Until now, employees would have to ask the HR department for copies of HR-related documents, manually submit requests for training or development, seek out information about their individual performance or goals, or proactively search for new opportunities or promotion within the Group and this is either on paper-based processes or a diverse landscape of IT-tools. For example, performance evaluations were still handled with a paper-based and administratively-heavy process which involved printing off some 800 copies and internally dispatching them to employees, and then managing the completed documents.

In order to identify specific needs for the different elements of HR such as training, development, compensation and benefits, an internal feasibility audit was undertaken. Based on that analysis a global framework was created and RFPs were submitted.


  • Encevo has digitalised its HR with SAP SuccessFactors which has facilitated a modern user experience and improved HR processes
  • SAP SuccessFactors standardises HR procedures and provides clear structure to employees about how to carry out HR activities, such as training and development
  • Reduction in paper-based processes and an increase in administrative efficiency
  • Transparency of HR information across the Group

“Our SAP SuccessFactors implementation has given us the opportunity to develop further our HR service-driven model, delivering business value to our employees and management”

Paul Braquet, HR Business Partner of the Encevo Group

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