How to harmonise your HR processes in a decentralised organisation?

Webinar Replay

In most modern and growing companies, HR is decentralised effecting the management of HR and talent across the entire group. The risk is that you will end up with a very different HR management from one entity to another. Find out how to succeed in adapting the HR strategy and its daily application through common processes, while allowing agility and autonomy for each of the entities

Discover during this webinar replay:

  • Best practices for a smooth management of your processes
  • How to manage the adaptation of the project positively and rapidly
  • Feedback from groups such as Amadeus, leader in travel booking software, Alten, engineering and consulting group or Alter Domus, which is growing exponentially


Karam El Wardi

HR Practice Manager for SOA People, Karam El Wardi has many years of experience in HR transformation through cloud solutions including HRIS leader SuccessFactors.

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