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Combine SAP PM and Asset Management for a powerful end-to-end process optimization

Discover how our industrialized “Manage By Exception” (MBE) approach will increase your asset uptime and generating massive savings across your E2E Maintenance flow.
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13 December 2022
11:00 uur
Expert Talk

Our MBE approach is combining robust market best practices Algorithms & intuitive front-end delivering tailor made recommendations based on business oriented alerts. Thanks to our collaborative platform, you will be able to directly dive into what deserves your Attention & Time, the rest will be managed automatically!

SOA People is a major player in SAP maintenance in Europe for more than 15y, our aim is to offer a unique and complete solution based on Value Oriented Maintenance strategy.

After this Expert Talk you will know:

· What kind of “decisions” other Maintenance Organizations are taking to become and remain efficient

· How our MBE approach is improving your current Wrench time ratio and whilst respecting the work/life balance of your technician’s community

· Impact your Data Governance process positively by controlling/monitoring the SVoT (Single Version of the Truth)

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Mohammed Merkachi

SOA People

Asset Management expert

Mathias Hertecant

SOA People

Specialized in Asset Management solutions

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