Supply chain management



Our value proposition

Enterprises face a considerable amount of challenges to build and maintain a competitive edge. Amongst these challenges, meeting Supply Chain objectives is one of the most important ones to win these battles.

Our value proposition in an optimized Supply Chain is highly beneficial:

  • Improved Market Knowledge
  • Increased velocity in the flow of goods, services, information and funds
  • Increased visibility and reduced variability in flows
  • Integrated operations, improved management of risk
  • Increase in sustainability of the operations

SOA People has specialized SAP Supply Chain competence centers in all its locations. These teams of highly skilled consultant encompass the implementation and optimization of the best solutions needed to leverage your Enterprise's competitive advantages. A partnership with SOA People ensures your enterprise in selecting the finest IT best practices of using SAP solutions.


Our expertise

We provide our expertise on all types of SCM projects, at all levels.
Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance
Supply Chain should be an enabler for the Business Strategy, which requires a deep understanding of the competitive advantages being pursued. We offer expertise in organizational strategy, setting up sustainable operations for the organization and its trading partners, compliant with all applicable regulations.
Supply Chain Implementation and Operations

We help enterprises in managing and balancing Supply and Demand, analyzing and improving Supply Chain processes. We understand the Supply Chain dynamics, managing supply from internal and external resources, Demand Plans and assist in the transition towards Continuous Improvement.


Our scope of intervention

  • Implementation partner for SAP SCM and integrated processes like CRM, PLM and SRM, consulting services, provisioning of key competences in projects or operations, complete project delivery
  • Optimization of the SAP SCM environment: audit, detailed analysis and optimization of SCM processes, implementation and associated change management
  • Monitoring of SCM process performance, integrating CRM, PLM, SRM in your Supply Chain processes.

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