Value Management

Enable yourself to continuously measure, reduce and control Business and IT risks in SAP?

Why would you wait until the yearly audit process to identify risks and optimizations in your organization. If you would be able to perform these repetitive tasks automatically and in the same time receive advice to improve the organization from all angles, you can implement changes in the organization faster and therefor improve the bottom line result. Discover how you can establish culture of continuous auditing and monitoring.
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31 mei 2022
Expert Talk

Fitted with the latest Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology, PERFORMER FOR AUDIT will scan 100% of your SAP environment and business processes to identify business and IT processes which should be improved. It also quantifies the financial impact and level of risk. It will automatically propose quantifiable and prioritised mitigation plans with alternative strategies and incentives to maximise the value strategy.

PERFORMER FOR AUDIT will increase the productivity of your organization and audit teams by automating repetitive value tasks to focus on improvement and risk prevention for your company. PERFORMER FOR AUDIT will measure the progress of the implemented plans to ensure a proper and fact-based decrease of the risk level on a continuous basis.


  • How to establish a Value Security Management Process ?
  • How to make the best mitigating decisions delivering the best outcome aligned with your company's objectives ?
  • How to measure and mitigate risks in a controlled way.
  • Concrete examples and a demonstration to highlight the power of this disruptive approach.
  • Demo
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Katrien de Decker

SOA People

Performer for Audit expert

Nachenthaly Francisco

SOA People

Financial consultant & Credit Management expert

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