How does MIGNOW, the automated migration, really work?

We introduced MIGNOW in previous webinars and customer presentations. We often hear that the promise of MIGNOW is very interesting, but the question remains how MIGNOW is actually able to deliver this promise.
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13 juni 2023
11h00 AM CET
Expert Talk

In this webinar we will explain how MIGNOW handles the main functional and technical challenges all customers recognize:

  • Integrate Customer and Vendors into the new Business Partner concept
  • Adjust business processes based on Simplification List
  • Adjust / Clean / Optimize custom code
  • Manage data inconsistencies, reduce database size
  • Decide on Fiori usage and implement Fiori efficiently
  • Minimize downtime for go-live

During the webinar we will go through a typical MIGNOW project plan and cover the above topics by explaining very clearly what MIGNOW covers and what not.

After this webinar you will:

  • Know how MIGNOW handles the main functional and technical aspects of the migration
  • Understand where AI and automation are used in MIGNOW
  • Get a clear picture of the project
  • Know what preparation activities are recommended before starting the migration
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Konrad de Groot

SOA People

Experienced in automated migrations

Dr. Tamas Szirtes

SOA People

Group Innovation Director

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