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Power your real-time digital supply chain journey with SAP S/4HANA



About Digital Supply Chain

Meeting your customers' expectations requires a complete control of your supply chain and warehousing processes. To manage these processes, you’ll need a high level of transparency, precise logistics planning and efficient distribution and storage management.

High-volume warehouse operations and complex supply chain logistics need to integrate with your warehouse and distribution processes to deliver visibility and control. From inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations to multichannel fulfilment and more, our comprehensive solutions will give you direct control of your entire warehouse management.

SOA People has the expertise to inspire your business performance and support your journey to enabling real-time digital supply chain management with Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and Transportation Management (TM), both seamlessly integrated in SAP S/4HANA or offered as standalone.

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Warehouse Management

Stock Room Management will remain technically on the SAP WM module allowing you to maintain your existing solution, but no new innovations are planned in the SAP roadmap (it will be valid after 2025 in terms of usage rights only).

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The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Module gives you full visibility and transparency of your entire warehouse operations so you can process all your good movements in and out seamlessly and efficiently, reduce complexity and save costs. From stock transfer, to automatic replenishment and hazardous materials management, your warehouse management processes will be optimised.

SAP EWM gives you oversight of all your storage bins and warehouse movements, and lets you group material stocks from several plants into warehouses with random storage. Display your entire warehouse complex in detail at the bin level and get an overview of the total quantity and location of an article in the warehouse.

With EWM you can be confident that all the latest innovations will be incorporated into your warehouse processes complete with standard functionality, so there’s no need to customise anything.

Benefits of SAP EWM

  • Manage high volumes of warehouse transactions with large-scale distribution
  • Run complex warehouses with narrow aisles racking
  • Handle numerous types of bins together with appropriate storage/picking strategies


  • Comprehensive, standard functionality so no need to customise
  • Continuous innovations
  • Enhanced integration with Transportation Management module
  • Reporting includes Embedded Analytics and Warehouse Monitor)
  • Optimisation functions for load planning, location rearrangement and dialogue with automats
  • Full system landscape.

Main functions

  • Warehouse mapping
  • Simple or complex receiving and storage processes
  • Simple or complex picking and dispatch processes
  • Resource management
  • Work management, (productivity)
  • Yard Management
  • Slotting & stock relocation
  • Value-added services
  • Cross-Docking
  • Activity monitoring, alerts and exceptions
  • KPIS
  • Interface with mechanised systems (N1)

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Transportation Management

The SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) Module can be implemented as an integrated solution with SAP S/4HANA or as a stand-alone product.

SAP TM gives you complete control of your end-to-end logistics flow, when coupled with SAP EWM. It meets the full range of your freight and transportation challenges across road, sea, air and rail, servicing the needs of manufacturers and retailers, as well as logistics services providers and transport companies.

It goes beyond the functions available in the existing LE-TRA module, which is available in SAP ERP. LE-TRA remains available in a compatibility mode until 2025, for customers who choose to continue with the existing solution for a few years while migrating to SAP S/4HANA.

Benefits of SAP TM

  • Complete control of your end-to-end logistics flow
  • Shipment cost management with clear understanding of different cost assignments
  • Full shipment status follow-up
  • Ease of invoice verification, thanks to existing carrier cost scales



Order management:

Get a holistic view of your transport needs, regardless of their origin (customer/supplier delivery, supply to distribution platforms, product returns) and mode (road, sea, rail, air, etc).

SAP TM's advanced tools allow the conversion of products to be transported into transport units (weight, volume, containers, pallets, packages, floor metres, etc.) according to the routes, transport modes and carriers determined. The transport times calculated according to the available resources are available in real time to calculate the customer delivery times in the customer orders.

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Freight planning:

Through graphical visualisation tools of your transport network and available resources, the transport planner can:

  • Maximise the use of resources (optimisation of loads by grouping transport requests)
  • Minimise costs by selecting the most advantageous transport offers according to the routes and types of services
  • Account for different legal, regulatory, customer and resource constraints according to their availability (vehicles, drivers, handlers, etc.).
  • Adapt schedules in real time by taking into account the latest information.

Streamline transport execution:

Your transport dispatcher will have full visibility of each transportation, its execution status and the location of each package and transport unit at all times. The module provides visibility on the progress of the picking, receiving and cross docking stages and print management ensures the control and dispatch of all transport and regulatory documents for customs.

Settlement of transport costs:

Each transport, stage, incident and/or ancillary service requires detailed and automatic calculations of transport charges in the form of a "settlement document" which is based on the various tariff grids and scales applied by each carrier. Control and minimise your transport costs with accurate settlement documents:

  • Provisioning of costs
  • Submit pre-invoices to the carriers and check their invoices
  • Re-invoice the real costs to the customers/partners according to the incoterms applied
  • Allocate transport costs internally
  • Serve as a basis for disputes and credit claims in relation to transport invoices received.


Why SOA People?

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