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Our approach to partnership is 100% aligned with the SAP life cycle, pushing the boundaries of innovation and SAP technology.
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As a privileged SAP European partner, SOA People has a strong collaboration with managers, experts and executives. We’re proud to be a SAP Platinum Partner in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and a SAP Gold Partner in the Netherlands and Germany. We are a leading global technology and consultancy company, using leading SAP technologies to help customers transform into exceptionally efficient, high performing businesses.
SOA People is proud to be an accredited partner of MIGNOW, the automated software tool that quickly converts your SAP ECC system to SAP S/4HANA. With MIGNOW, your SAP S/4HANA transformation is taken to a whole new level of speed and automation to deliver considerable cost savings and minimise risk. The software tool uses the complex techniques of AI to create agile process execution and new functionality, providing a better ROI for your ERP.
T-Systems and SOA People have been working together for many years already. T-Systems has been offering the scalable V-cloud platform of T-Systems for SAP customers in the mid-market since 2014. Customers benefit from the combined in-depth SAP knowledge, both technical and functional, from SOA People and the stable and proven V-cloud platform of T-Systems to manage SAP in a secure way in a state-of-the-art data center.
By implementing Movilizer with our Ready4 Asset Management platform, we offer a truly end-to-end mobilised maintenance and service planning solution. Honeywell Movilizer is a cloud solution specifically for field operations, empowering enterprises to deploy nimble and dynamic field strategies.
United VARs
SOA People is a member of the United VARs, the leading alliance of SAP solution providers in the mid-market. As a Platinum Partner, United VARs is certified with the highest SAP status and guarantees the best service and support for your international roll-out projects as well as ERP optimisation projects if you are in the small to medium-sized enterprise sector.


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