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Food & Beverage ERP solution

Get enhanced insight into your business processes to help assure optimal product quality and plan effective wholesale distribution. Our Ready4 Food and beverages solution will improve your operations and give you the tools to assist with critical functions including demand planning, supply chain management, quality management and traceability.
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Solving Challenges

Meeting food and beverage regulatory requirements and streamlining food production processes are just some of the key challenges organisations face in this sector. 

Our Ready4 Food and beverages solution will give you the right tools, technology and platform to ensure you optimise best practice and deliver long term value to your customers.


  • Integrated management of all your processes, from the development of new products to distribution within new networks
  • Permanent alignment with regulatory requirements in the Food & Beverage sector
  • Real-time data management to improve decision making
  • Digital platform included to develop new business models and applications to serve consumers and B2B customers
  • Optimised, streamlined processes for procurement, scheduling, delivery and finance
  • Faster and more reliable decision-making through comprehensive, mobile-ready analytics
  • Significant reduction of implementation times and costs through industry-specific pre-settings


Planning and Analysis

Food & Beverage Planning and analysislow

Reliability is guaranteed to ensure you can provide high product availability and optimised storage capacity – even when dealing with seasonal influences or supply bottlenecks. Optimal, cross-process planning is a prerequisite, ensuring your products are fresh and available on the market.

  • Sales planning
  • Forecasting and optimisation
  • Demand planning
  • Production planning
  • Liquidity planning and management reporting

Disposition / Purchasing

Food & Beverage Depositioning & Purchasinglow

Central supplier and procurement management provides ongoing insight into current market developments, so you can procure all relevant articles in a reliable and timely manner and handle all necessary tasks.

  • External procurement of raw materials and services
  • Determination of possible sources of supply for a requirement that arises either in materials planning or directly in a user department
  • Monitoring of goods received and services provided
  • Integrated coordination with production and sales planning

Special features include:

  • Procurement Cockpit (Simplified MRP planning and procurement processing)
  • Automated determination of requirements
  • Supplier assessments
  • Returns to suppliers
  • Rebate processing
  • Contract management, e.g. contract utilisation
  • Electronic Purchase Order Confirmation

Production and Supply Chain

Food & Beverage Production & Supply

Retailers and consumers demand products with a defined shelf life that are available just-in-time. Production capacities, availability, production costs and recipe development aligned with changing tastes are all covered in production and supply.

  • Management of R&D projects
  • Supply management: multi-vendors, automation, contract management
  • Management of sensitive and specific data including recipes, ingredients and nutritional contents
  • Maintenance planning using Production Execution Systems
  • Integration of GS1 standards (GTINSSCC-GLN)
  • Calculation of industrial production costs
  • Optimised shelf-life management

Traceability and Quality

Food & Beverage Traceability & Qualitylow

Sources and causes of specific errors can be transparently tracked and – thanks to integrated complaints processing – quickly resolved even at customers’ premises.

  • Batch management and total traceability (input and output register)
  • Integrated management of shelf-life expiration and best-before dates
  • Integrated quality management for raw materials, process controls, finished products, certificate management, supplier evaluation and non-conformity management
  • Management of product data sheets, allergens and nutritional characteristics
  • Compliance with Food Standards agencies
  • Complaints / Reclamations


Food & Beverage Accountinglow

Strategically plan and safely build on your company’s positive financial development. Areas including Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Operations, Accounting and Final Close, Billing and Revenue Innovation Management and Treasury Management can be directly integrated in this solution.

  • Posting-Cockpit
  • Payment advice
  • Simplified inbound invoice reconciliation
  • Comprehensive credit management


Food & Beverage Distribution low

From packaging to route planning, ensure your goods shipment and distribution are under your control at all times.

  • Barcode management and RF-Tags according to international standards (such as GS1, SSCC)
  • Transportation Planning including route scheduling, transport costs and integration with road and loading optimisation tools and carriers
  • Product data management for display and supplier catalogue integration
  • Planning and forecasting of demand
  • Integration of EDI to meet the requirements of mass distribution
  • Excise and Returnable Packaging management

Sales and Marketing

Food & Beverage Sales & Marketing low

Your supply chain and financial processes are managed at the touch of a button, giving you transparency at all order processing levels. Support all your sales order and contract management processes, covering pricing, quotations, contracts, order management, billing and rebates.

Create incentives for your sales agents, and handle claims and process returns and refunds for your customers. You can also monitor and analyse your sales business processes, using functions such as the availability check and output management.

Support your pre-sales life cycle with sales force support, from appointment through to the creation of leads and opportunities. Sales force support includes features for activities, opportunities, and sales lead management.

  • Management of promotions and discounts, sales actions and advanced real-time pricing tools, enabling the modelling of complex data
  • Multichannel sales management
  • Active telesales for cross-selling, upselling and liquidation management
  • Rebate and point of sale management, including inventory management, replenishment and integration of cash register systems
  • Integration of online sales function and CRM

Warehouse and Logistics

Food & Beverage Warehouse & Logisticlow

Gain stock management at storage location level, together with stock display and handling across all branches.

  • Inventory management at storage bin level
  • Connection of automatic warehousing systems
  • Order picking control: scanner connection
  • Mobile warehouse control
  • Stock clearing
  • Cross-store inventory display and processing
  • Integrated hazardous materials management
  • Shipping service provider connection
  • Advanced Warehouse management: cross-docking, optimisation of picking paths and integrated radiofrequency scanning solution with automated warehouse systems and Voice Picking systems.
  • Scale connection

Asset Management

Food & Beverage Asset Managementlow

Plant Maintenance helps you optimise the scope of work and effort required for inspection, maintenance, and planned repairs of your technical systems, and supports you in reacting quickly to reported malfunctions.

Resource scheduling provides you with actionable insights into your maintenance workload and available capacities for current and upcoming maintenance activities. Use the apps for resource scheduling to check current and forecasted work center utilisation, build a schedule, and determine required capacities before dispatching the scheduled work.

En savoir plus sur Ready4 Advanced Scheduling

Food & Beverage Solution

Food & Beverage Solutionlow

The Food & Beverage Solution keeps you up to date with the latest technical standards and requirements in your industry from the outset, helping you to secure growth and expand your share of the market.


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