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Finance transformation with SAP S/4HANA



What is SAP S/4HANA Finance?

Improve your entire finance lifecycle with SAP S/4HANA Finance module. Streamline and automate your processes to deliver actionable insight and efficient throughput. 

Designed as an integrated or stand-alone cloud module it provides an enhanced and easy user experience that works seamlessly with your finance department. 

Read the IDC paper to explore how technology allows your Finance team to focus on intelligent decision-making, enabling proper planning and connecting Finance to the other parts of your business

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How SAP S/4HANA can transform your Finance ?

  • Single Source of Truth: Make reporting and reconciliations faster and easier with theFinance moduleand reduce the risk of discrepancies and variations. 
  • Management by  Exception: Whether the exception is a late customer payment or a DSO analysis, explore and focus on your immediate management needs.  
  • Advanced compliance reporting : Speed up and simplify your statutory reporting with features such as one click submission and extensive audit trail.  
  • Predictive accounting: Anticipate future revenue and forward-looking cash flow information at the offer or sales order stage. 
  • Account based profitability analysis: Get guaranteedtransparency of margin analysisandbenefit from continuously enhanced features such as the online split of COGS by cost component or enhanced integration with the actual costing.
  • Extensions mean great transparency: Add dedicated cloud applications to give you even more visibility and transparency of your finance processes. Extensions include SAP S/4HANA Cash Management for easy and centralised handling of your cash position and Ready4 Credit Management for 360° vision on credit control.  


Why SOA People?

Many traditional accounting and controlling functions have been decommissioned as new applications and innovations deliver huge advancements. 

With our state-of-the-art approach, SOA People helps you think differently about your finance functions and optimise the value of your financial resources. Developments such as Universal Allocations and Semantic Tags are constantly tracked by our innovation team helping you get the best out of your technology investments. 


Track Record

SOA People’s proven track record of successful SAP S/4HANA implementations supports your success and guarantees you will maximise the benefits of game changing innovations such as the Universal Journal. 

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