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A Complete Solution for Industrial Machinery and Components in SAP

Get better control over your core business processes in order to respond to customer demand effectively. Our discrete manufacturing solution supports the whole product life cycle from R&D through to customer service, helping you get innovative products to the market quickly.
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Solving Challenges

Ready for Business for IM&C is designed to solve unique challenges in this demanding market and help you with important business applications that can assist with decision-making, mobility and technological performance.

Integrating and automating your business processes will allow you to continuously innovate, remain competitive and give you total flexibility throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process.

This SAP pre-configured ready-to-use solution for the industrial machinery sector ensures you have the best technological platform with optimised methodology, based on best practices. It will help your company deliver long-term value to customers and let you stay ahead of the competition.


  • Get permanent alignment with regulatory requirements and developments
  • Integrate product development for fast, innovative and compliant products
  • Capture key quality customer data to develop the right products to the right customers
  • Check product safety and compliance throughout the product lifestyle
  • Use latest embedded SAP software for remote access to machine connectivity
  • Intelligently connect production and logistics to the rest of the business
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a comprehensive after-sales service
  • Manage your resource planning from a simple, fully integrated, user friendly application.


Help with Research and Development

IM&C Help with Research & Developmentlow-1

Gaining a competitive advantage begins with research and development, ensuring you continuously adapt to changing market needs. Access to key customer data means you can focus on the most valuable customers and supply them with tailored products. Using the latest digital SAP software solutions specifically designed for manufacturers you can devise an integrated product development plan that will help you to develop innovative products quickly whilst maintaining product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Total Control of the Supply Chain

IM&C Total Control of Supply Chainlow-1

Planning is key to your company’s supply chain and the application of SAP in manufacturing allows you to take control. It is important to gain valuable accurate insights of demand to ensure optimal productivity is always achieved and be able to quickly respond to any changes. Automating processes in the warehouse and streamlining transportation management will also enable your logistics network to operate effectively and be flexible to adapt to external changes.

Optimising Manufacturing Processes

IM&C Optimising Manufacturing Processeslow-2

Managing and controlling operations can be made more efficient as well as ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to in all areas. Simplified processes in material requirement planning allows you to react easily to short-term demand and supply fluctuations. By integrating business and manufacturing systems enables efficient and high-quality production and ensures capacity levels are always maximised.

Supporting Sales and Marketing

IM&C Supporting Sales & Marketinglow-2

Attaining and maintaining customers drives business growth and delivering long-term value improves customer satisfaction. Having 360 degree visibility of your customer’s business needs, running targeted marketing activities, and supporting your sales team with integrated solutions to fulfil complex orders, will improve the overall experience throughout the buying process.

Best Customer Service

IM&C Best Customer Serviceolw-1

Customer service is important for continued business success and developing long-term relationships with your customers to help secure future opportunity. From gaining valuable feedback on services received to installing equipment on-site and managing service parts, all after-sales service areas can be covered to provide the ultimate customer experience.



IM&C R & Dlow-1

Keep ahead of the competition and develop products the market needs, quickly and effectively.

  • Integrated product development to get fast innovative and compliant products
  • Ensure product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle
  • Collaborative product and configuration design
  • Project and Portfolio Management


IM&C Manufacturinglow

Integration of processes allows you to be flexible with production to keep aligned with demand.

  • Equipment production with configuration options
  • Production of standard equipment: in stock, by batch, order or deal
  • Design and production of special equipment and project management
  • Maintain compliant Health and Safety standards
  • Manufacturing networks, operations and process planning
  • Commercial, operational and financial business management
  • Internet of Things used to analyse real-time data from machinery to predict what future actions should be taken.

Supply Chain

IM&C Supply Chainlow-1

Full visibility of the supply chain and simplifying processes allows operations to run smoothly.

  • Simplified processes to assist with material requirement planning to adapt to change in demand
  • Demand Management and Insights
  • Response and supply management system
  • Track and Trace and Logistics Networks
  • Transportation Management
  • Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning
  • Warehouse Management

Sales & Marketing

IM&C Sales & Marketinglow

Target business growth through tailored marketing activities and support your sales team with the right technology to help sell more effectively.

  • E-Commerce for Customers and Products
  • Industrial marketing
  • Sales force automation
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Quote to cash for configurable products and solutions
  • Usage-based billing and revenue management
  • Management of after-sales service

Installation and Service

IM&C Installation and Servicelow-1

Enhance customer buying experience by offering superior after-sales service, with easy-to use mobile apps to manage field service technicians work off-site efficiently.

  • Complaints, Returns and In-House Repair
  • Service Monetisation
  • Field Service Management
  • Intelligent Asset Management for Customers
  • Omnichannel customer service
  • Service Parts Management
  • Installation Services


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