How our trained SAP graduates can add talent to your SAP team

For over 13 years, 600 SAP Academy trainees have been supporting customers in a wide range of SAP projects and have actively participated in reducing their SAP implementation and maintenance costs.

Why Choose an SOA People Academy Trainee?

We believe that investing in new talent through our SOA People Academy gives our customers access to a quality pool of SAP qualified graduates who are not only trained in the latest SAP technologies but are highly motivated and will be a valuable addition to your business.

Solving challenges

Your business growth and success are dependent on the quality and skill sets of your employees and finding an efficient balance between young talent and experienced personnel for your SAP projects can be a challenge.  Sourcing SAP skilled graduates is difficult and that is why we created the SOA People Academy.

We recruit 60 graduates annually and train them across different business areas including supply chain, finance and business intelligence.  Our Academy trainees carry out a comprehensive training programme to equip them with the skills required to become a valuable member of your SAP Team.

Benefits of an SAP Graduate

Instant access to the latest SAP skills


Selected on skill, motivation, drive and professionalism, our graduates are trained in the very latest SAP technologies which can be adapted to your business needs.

Saves your business money


Academy trainees will give you value for money by reducing your SAP project costs. They can help achieve cost savings of up to 20% on SAP projects, 30% on SAP support projects and 15% on implementation costs.

Getting the right balance of skills


Academy graduates can improve the quality and skill set of your employees giving you optimal and cost-effective balance of seniority for your SAP skill requirements.

Better efficiency for your SAP Competence Centre


Helping with SAP application management, user support, business continuity services and SAP testing and validation, our graduates can help increase the efficiency of your SAP Competence centre.

Grow your workforce with Excellence


As well as increasing your social responsibility, using our Academy graduates allows you to grow your workforce in a cost-effective way and bridge future skill gaps. You will have the opportunity to tailor your trainees to your company needs and they will become part of your organisation, delivering excellence to your SAP projects.


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Access to latest SAP Skills
Comprehensive training programme
Trained in multi-skilled disciplines
Value for money
Optimal seniority mix
Improved quality of SAP Competence centre
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Gain better time to resolution ratios
Help with temporary workload peaks
Increased social responsibility improving your employer brand

" With SOA People organising this initiative twice a year, we guarantee the inflow of trainees within a structured Knowledge Transfer approach whilst keeping the support budget constant. "

Customers who have benefited from our Academy Program

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For over 13 years, our trainees have been supporting our customers in a wide range of projects…


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