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Schedule your industrial maintenance operations in SAP

Simplify and optimise your industrial maintenance cycle of operations and effectively manage your field service scheduling and workloads in SAP. Centralise your maintenance and service activities to view and plan all your resources: labour, equipment, tooling and spare parts in one system.
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Ready4 Advanced Scheduling fully integrated with SAP is part of the Asset Maintenance Management platform. This powerful tool provides an easy-to-use, web-based experience for all your industry maintenance and service operations, and preventive plans. Using drag and drop functionality you can quickly manage all your scheduling and resources allocation activities or tasks in one system.

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is complementary to the following solutions included in the platform:

  • Integrate all your plant maintenance and resource scheduling into SAP system
  • Move away from using spreadsheets and non-integrated software
  • View all of your data in real-time
  • Centralise all your scheduling and resourcing activities and tasks into one system

Integration with SAP S/4HANA

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is designed for work orders and resources scheduling for the maintenance and field service line of business. Running directly in SAP, it is also suited for any industries. So whether you are in chemical, construction, pharmaceutical, utilities, food or the service sector, this solution will increase your productivity and streamline your maintenance operations.

Resource optimisation

Keeping costs low while improving performance can only be achieved through data resource optimisation. Whether it’s labour, machine or material utilisation, making the best use of resources provides a wealth of efficiency benefits and allows you to remain agile. Our SAP Plant maintenance Scheduling solution lets you organise and view your work order execution with enough flexibility to reach your targets for assets availability and SLAs, while keep costs down and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our unique platform focuses on specific processes to help you manage your end-to-end maintenance flow and data. Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is created to help schedule your maintenance processes and the servicing of your assets for all plants, including equipment. Discover below what Ready4 Advanced Scheduling includes.

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R4AS Image 4 Capabilitieslow

Our SAP Plant Maintenance Scheduling solution, Ready4 Advanced Scheduling gives you a state-of-the-art graphical user experience that simplifies the daily work of your schedulers in many ways: 

  • Optimisation of resource utilisation via an easy-to-use app
  • Full integration with maintenance, service, HR, inventory, purchasing and project modules of SAP​
  • 360-degree view of assets, maintenance technicians planning and customer site locations with real time traffic information and route preparation via Google Maps integration
  • Mobile capability so your maintenance technicians can receive work orders direct to their mobile devices ready for task execution in the field

The right tool for the right job

R4AS Image 5 The Right Tool for the right joblow

Tooling is often overlooked when scheduling maintenance and servicing. But most technicians can’t do their jobs without some form of tooling, whether a wrench, a pump, or larger items such as a crane, scaffolding or elevator. Ready4 Advanced Scheduling supports the allocation of tools and machinery for each work order, including machine operators. This ensures that your maintenance and service activities will always be scheduled with the right tooling that your technicians need to do their job effectively.

Resource allocation

R4AS Image 6 Resource Allocationlow

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling, our SAP Plant maintenance scheduling solution, gives you real-time information with drag and drop functionality making it easy to allocate the right human resources for the right job:

  • Full oversight of resource availability and capacity for all plants
  • Promotes teamwork with shared calendar visibility
  • Skills and accreditation accounted for during work allocation
  • Automatically proposes resources


How does business-oriented Machine Learning improve Field Service productivity?

It can be difficult when running Field Service operations to balance efficient customer service with employee satisfaction. One of the main challenges faced is how to minimise field technicians’ travel distance and time in order to respect your SLA’s towards customers and potential production impact, while at the same time improve your customers’ satisfaction levels. Being able to automatically communicate with customers, for example by automated SMS or email giving the technicians “precise” arrival time, greatly manages their expectations and improves customer satisfaction levels. Equally, being able to reduce mileage per engineer and fuel costs not only cuts expenditure and boost productivity levels but has a positive environmental impact on your organisation. The digital asset management platform lets technicians plan their day much faster, reducing mileage, fuel costs and increasing productivity – a win for the organisation, the customer, and the environment.

How does intelligent algorithms increase efficiency?

Capitalising on the power of the intelligent algorithm to optimise your service scheduling and execution will save you a lot of time and money, increase ROI and improve customer service. This is because algorithms enable a more “intelligent” usage of the massive volume of data natively available in your SAP system. You get a natural integration with SAP using bi-directional connections, rather than simply interfacing. Algorithms create paths and links between all the information to allow key stakeholders to take appropriate decisions at the right time, with information flow consumed through a business-oriented cockpit interface. At the end of the day, it generates valuable recommendations and proposes ideal scenarios based on your capacity, availability of your resources, spare parts, …

Why choose SOA People’s solution to help with maintenance scheduling?

SOA People is both a 100% SAP specialist and an expert in providing best practices solutions for Asset Management. The Ready4 Asset Management solution has been developed using cutting edge technology using the SAP Cloud Platform and is fully integrated with your SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system. The brand-new graphical user experience is what you would expect from a state-of-the-art web app.


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