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Artificial Intelligence and SAP S/4HANA



AI, part of SAP Intelligent technologies

Intelligent Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are part of SAP’s digital innovation suite. AI and specifically Machine Learning makes us human beings more productive by enhancing our capabilities.


SAP and Artificial Intelligence

SAP differentiates itself from the many Artificial Intelligence technology vendors by offering AI in three different ways:

1. Embedded

Artificial Intelligence is pre-built into SAP products, e.g. SAP S/4HANA including Cloud or SAP SuccessFactors.

Finance: Reconcile goods receipt and invoice receipt accounts

  • Faster and simplified reconciliation process
  • No need to compare numbers in endless rows of data
  • Reduction of open items leads to increased accuracy of the financial statement

 Sales: Predict delivery delays

  • Easily push real-time figures to internal sales reps
  • Seamlessly integrated into transactional processes and business objects

Procurement: Monitor materials without a purchase order

  • Automatic detection of materials that are without contracts but that have high contract relevance based on existing purchasing data
  • Fast and direct creation of RFQ to generate missing contracts

Logistics: Predicts overdue materials

  • Adjust time schedule based on empirical data
  • More reliable planning and scheduling of goods in transit processes
  • Flexible usage: app works with or without predictive model

2. Tools for business analysts

AI is embedded, but with more technical knowledge you can customise its capability to suit your needs. Products with built-in and customisable AI include SAP Analytics Cloud.

3. Platform for developers and data scientists

For those with more technical expertise.



Improve your user experience with powerful AI chatbots. SAP’s conversational AI uses artificial dialogue to fetch or enter information or lets you be guided through a process.


  • Sales Assistant: creates expenses and sales orders
  • Analytics bot: gathers specific insights
  • E-commerce bot: provides product or service guidance and recommendations
  • Supplier bot: gathers information on invoice payments

Find out how to leverage AI, whether embedded ML or custom scenarios. SOA People will help you with ideation, brainstorming, building a business case and pilot through to complete implementation.

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