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The Credit Management Suite for your SAP System

Discover our complete global credit management platform Ready4 Credit Management to manage your credit risk. Optimise and automate your credit and cash flow management to minimise risks, reduce exposure to bad debts and boost corporate results.
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SOA People provides a digital platform integrated within SAP, with specific software tools covering best practices throughout your financial supply chain. Ready4 Credit Management is a scaleable solution that gives you the ability to create in-depth credit checks using multiple sourced information, with a centralised dashboard to continually check your risk status.



  • Credit Report: Automate Scoring, upload Financial Data into your SAP
  • Risk Management: Decrease Risk exposure with real-time analysis and alert based Credit decisions
  • Credit Insurance: Manage Insurance contracts, monitor limits, benchmark insurer activity
  • Dispute Management: Track and trace dispute cases, automate Mass Dunning Process
  • Debt collection: Identify overdue payments, improve dunning process, monitor and transfer cases
  • Receivables sales: identify risk exposure, upload related invoices, involve factors and monitor payments
Making objective decisions every time

Credit Management is complex, with crucial credit decisions being made daily that have a direct effect on your company’s profitability. By automating your processes and approval procedures in SAP, you will have the right tools to make objective decisions based on facts.

Ready4 Credit Management’s ready-to-use functionality will optimise your order-to-cash processes with an end-to-end credit policy, giving you total control and ensuring your credit risk is completely transparent.

Getting the balance right

Building relationships with customers is key to a company’s success, but it is equally important to protect yourself from credit risk. That balance can easily be achieved with Ready4 Credit Management. By automating decision workflows, using the latest Fiori Apps for on-the-go decisions and having an efficient and fair dunning process, will ensure you can make the best informed decisions, but also maintain a strong relationship with your customers.


Every software component of our digital platform focuses on specific processes related to best practices on credit management, to support you at every stage. Ready4 Credit Management is designed for all industries and can be easily implemented within a short-time frame. Discover below what Ready4 Credit Management includes.

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Credit Reports

Credit Reports

Assessing your customers’ creditworthiness using up-to-date credit information is the easiest way to screen companies and individuals for possible risk indicators, so you can make informed decisions. Credit Reports allows you to retrieve report information from various credit rating bureaus directly in SAP without having to access their website. This allows you to monitor credit rating information in real-time to make critical credit decisions to minimise risk.

  • Homogeneous overview of credit reports from different international credit rating bureaus with credit exposure in SAP.
  • A single user-friendly cockpit software solution.
  • Get up-to-date solvency and behaviour data from leading credit agencies and behaviour pools including Creditsafe, Dun & Bradstreet, Skyminder and Creditreform.

Payment Behaviour Pools

Payment Behaviour Pools

Finding out your customers payment history gives you a valuable insight to see whether they would be a credit risk to your business. Payment Behaviour Pools allow you to benchmark the payment experience of your customers with other companies. Using specialist payment pool agencies, you can gain direct access to past customer payment behaviour data within SAP, giving you a clearer picture of your customers credit history.

  • Access to payment pool agencies where yours and other companies periodically send the payment experiences of customers to a central database and get back an averaged payment experience for each customer.
  • Minimise bad debt and non-payments by knowing more about your customer’s credit history.


Risk Management

Risk Management

Identifying your credit risks early in the credit management process and benefiting from a complete overview in real-time makes your business risk more transparent. Risk Management allows you to integrate internal and external information such as credit reports and your own data history, to implement a fully automated scoring and management-by-exception process to make objective credit assessments.

  • Gain an overview of customers including risk category, payment experience, negative indicators, credit limit, exposure, to be able to define sales strategies with the right payment terms.
  • Manage guarantees and credit limits to secure your invoices with fully digitalised credit limit approvals.
  • Detect critical cased and automating decision-workflows to the approver by delivering a Risk Report with all needed KPI to take the decision with just a few clicks.

Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance

Excessive administrative workloads whilst fulfilling your credit insurance obligations is time consuming and inefficient. Automating and streamlining your processes will help optimise the performance of your insurance contracts by using a specialist insurance tool for SAP. Credit Insurance can help you manage paperless insurance contracts and help proactively avoid bad debts and safeguard your business by insuring your invoices.

  • Automate all processes from application, handling and fulfilment of insurance cover to save you time.
  • Minimal manual/supervising work and fulfilling automatically all contractual obligations to protect insurance coverage.
  • Integration of your internal data from your SAP corporate system and external data from credit insurers into one solution to provide a quick customer overview.

Dispute Management

Dispute Management

It is in everyone’s interest to manage and settle customer disputes as quickly and fairly as possible. This can be difficult due to the administrative burden in making sure all relevant staff and departments are involved to help solve these issues. Dispute Management helps you collect all relevant information at a centralised location, so you can proactively anticipate payment risks, reduce workloads and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Effective administration of disputed invoices in a central SAP file accessible for authorised SAP users.
  • Improve communication with all company departments involved during the dunning process.
  • Quick dispute resolution and better handling for customer complaints leads to improved customer service.

Cash Collection

Cash Collection

Efficient payment from creditors is essential to keep your DSO low and ensure the company cash-flow is maintained at the correct level. Cash Collection automates your cash collection processes and can shorten how long it takes to collect your accounts receivables. Using rule-based worklists, customers can be contacted specifically according to priorities and overdue accounts, sending out payment reminders automatically at the right time with the correct information.

  • Customers only approached by email for payment when overdue with real-time updates of incoming payments, amounts cedited and write-offs.
  • Loyalty from customers increased due to solution oriented approach, with the ability to be sensitive to non-payments and installment agreements can easily be set up.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection

A time consuming part of credit management is chasing late payments and resolving outstanding debt issues. Debt Collection can help speed up the process by automating the whole process from submission and obligatory follow-up registrations to the posting of results. It is designed to proactively assess and monitor outstanding debtor information in real-time with live information from debt collector agencies direct to your SAP system.

  • Internal data from SAP Finance and external data from external collector agencies all integrated in one cockpit solution to enable debt collection in real- time.
  • Simulation and portfolio overview before transferring collection orders to the external collection agency.
  • Automating processes easily identifies overdue, dunned invoices and consolidation of orders.


Factoring sap

It is important to be able to quickly generate liquidity and higher equity rates anytime allowing you to transfer the risk and free up valuable resources. Factoring automates the sale of receivables, helping you meet contractual responsibilities and improve your working capital. At a touch of a button, you can turn invoices into immediate cash by offering them to banks and factoring providers.

  • Integration of data from your SAP systems and different external sources into one solution to give you real-time receivables selling.
  • Own funding resources giving you independency from bank loans.
  • Quick access to additional liquidity is only a few mouse clicks away.


How can companies get an automated credit risk scoring and a risk overview in SAP ?

Standard SAP contains basic transactions to maintain risk categories and credit limits manually, without offering any automation to update these values. For this purpose, SOA People has built the credit management platform R4CM integrated in the order processing and financials within standard SAP. The platform aligns all relevant departments in a single source of truth and is interfaced to credit bureaus and trade credit insurers in real time. The functionalities in the platform extend those available in standard SAP for credit management and enables internal scoring procedures with free definable scorecards for an automated risk classification. It includes smart credit decision workflows and flexible dashboards both in GUI and FIORI for a complete and up-to-date credit risk overview.


5 Best practices for effectively managing your cash-flow in SAP

In this guide, you will find the 5 best practices for managing the client item that Credit Managers can use from their SAP solution to optimise their cash flow.

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