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A complete solution for Wholesale and Distribution in SAP

Get a better insight into your business processes to achieve optimum operational efficiency. Our Ready4 Wholesale & Distribution solution can improve all your operations from demand planning through to supply chain management.
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Solving Challenges

Ready4 Wholesale & Distribution is designed to help you give your customers the best service possible, whilst ensuring the optimisation of your inventory and warehouse management systems as well as controlling transport costs.

You will benefit from the latest technology including AI, network sales, Internet of Objects and predictive analysis, allowing you to respond faster to market changes and help improve relationships with customers and suppliers.

This SAP certified solution is designed by our experts to provide you with a flexible digital platform to streamline your processes and give you a better insight into your operations.


  • 360 Degree overview of your supply chain.
  • Real-time data management to monitor operations.
  • Digital platform included to develop new business models and applications serving consumers and B2B customers.
  • Integrated user-friendly application for managing resource planning.
  • Improved reporting capabilities to help with decision making.
  • Permanent alignment with regulatory requirements and development.
  • Support of the entire marketing process from budgeting and planning, to campaign and lead management.


The 3 P’s

Wholesale & Distribution The 3 Pslow

Managing your business effectively means that you need the best processes put in place for Planning, Procurement and Purchasing. Our ERP solution can help you monitor operations better with real-time data management and improved reporting capabilities with processes streamlined to maximise profitability.

Keeping track of your Supply Chain

Wholesale & Distribution Keeping Tracklow

There are many reasons why it is important to be able to track and monitor goods through the entire supply chain. Not only can any problems be easily highlighted, traced and resolved, but it also means you can respond quickly to changing customer needs and can adapt accordingly. Better visibility of your supply chain allows you to easily react to supply shortages and ensure inventory levels are maintained at optimum levels.

From Warehouse to Customer

Wholesale & Distribution Warehouse to customerlow

Getting your goods from the warehouse to the customer needs to run as efficiently as possible. Logistics can be improved by implementing tools such as our automated warehouse and voice picking systems which can help optimise warehouse and inventory resources and ensure the most efficient transport planning schedules, as well as minimising your transport costs

A helping hand with Sales

Wholesale & Distribution Helping hand with saleslow

Making sure your sales and marketing processes are fully integrated is key to driving sales. Our specialist software can help define the optimum price-mix to maximise your profits and boost sales through omnichannel commerce management and digitalising your supply chain.


Supply Chain Management

Wholesale & Distribution Supply Chainlow

Supply Chain planning and execution can help you gain valuable insights to accurately predict future demands, enhance forecasting and quickly react to new orders to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Management of short, medium and long-term planning
  • Keep customers updated on timings and supply.
  • Supply management: multi-vendors, automation, contract management (quantities and values)
  • Integration of GS1 standards
  • Optimisation of purchases: management of promotional supplies, optimisation of the filling rate of transport.
  • Operations planning

Procurement Processes

Wholesale & Distribution Procurement processlow

Improving your processes within procurement can reduce costs and gives you the opportunity to have better supplier collaboration and build stronger customer relationships.

  • Helps with cost recovery and rebates.
  • Easily manage flexible workforce.
  • Ability to source materials efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Full integration of process for invoices and account.
  • Accurate real-time data of purchasing reports and procurement analytics.
  • Overview of supplier performance.

Warehouse and Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution Warehouse & Distributionlow

Efficient transport management ensures that optimum transport strategies can be planned effectively, reducing costs and improving services. Automating warehouse processes ensures better inventory management, control and gives you complete visibility to fulfill your orders.

  • Advanced Warehouse management: cross-docking, optimising picking paths, integrated radiofrequency scanning solution
  • Management of handling units (palletising and packaging) with barcode management and RF-Tags according to international standards (GS1, SSCC)
  • Integration with fully-automated warehouse systems and Voice Picking systems
  • Transport: Routing management, transport costs, integration with road and loading optimisation tools and carriers
  • Product data management: display management, Supplier catalog integration
  • Planning and forecasting of demand
  • Integration of EDI to meet the requirements of mass distribution.
  • Track and Trace and Logistics Networks
  • Transportation Planning and Logistics Management

Sales, Marketing and Aftersale Services

Wholesale & Distribution Sales & Marketinglow

Ominchannel marketing allows you to easily personalise sales and marketing to your customer’s needs to ensure a better purchasing experience. Also support your sales team by offering valuable incentive schemes by easily monitoring sales peformance and highlight where training is needed.

  • Multichannel sales management (web, telesales, point of sale, mobile sales, EDI)
  • Management of promotions and discounts, sales actions and real-time pricing tools, allowing to model complex data
  • Active telesales: cross-selling and up-selling, liquidation management
  • Point of sale management: inventory management, replenishment and integration of cash systems
  • Accurate costings and pricing for improved account and contract management.
  • Clear sales anaylsis to help with overall performance and accurate forecasting.
  • Integration of online sales function
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Rebates and Incentive Program
  • Advanced order promising
  • Mobile apps used by field service technicians to support off-site maintenance and installation
  • Tailor servicing leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Subscription and customer experience management

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