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Providing the best service to your customers, optimizing inventory and warehouse resources as well as transportation costs present a daily challenge in ensuring your company’s performance and profitability. We can help you deliver digital transformation in the Wholesales and Distribution Industry. 

SOA People’s Ready to Business is a global SAP ERP package that includes a pre-configured ready to use solution for the wholesale & distribution industry to ensure you have the best technological platform with optimised methodology, based on best practices. Our RTB solutions enable organisations to gain the best technological solutions for their business within a limited budget and tight schedule with a low risk.
Ready for Wholesale and Distribution gives you access to the latest innovative SAP technologies and user interfaces tailored to digital and mobile trends. Integration of artificial intelligence, network sales, Internet of Objects and predictive analysis all allows you to enter a new phase of development at your own pace.

Determine your level of digitalisation

Key modules and functionalities

Planning and Procurement / Purchasing

  • Supply management: multi-vendors, automation, contract management (quantities and values)
  • Management of short, medium and long term planning
  • Integration of GSa standards (GTIN-SSCC-GLN) 
  • Optimization of purchases: management of promotional supplies, optimization of the filling rate of transport.


  • Management of handling units (palletizing and packaging) with barcode management and RF-Tags according to international standards (GS1, SSCC) 
  • Advanced Warehouse management: cross-docking, optimization of picking paths, integrated radio frequency scanning solution
  • Integration with automated warehouse systems and Voice Picking systems
  • Transport: Routing management, followed by transport costs, integration with road and loading optimization tools and carriers
  • Product data management: display management, Supplier catalog integration
  • Planning and forecasting of demand
  • Integration of EDI to meet the requirements of mass distribution.

Sales and Marketing

  • Management of promotions and discounts, sales actions and real-time pricing tools, allowing to model complex data
  • Multichannel sales management (web, telesales, point of sale, mobile sales, EDI)
  • Active telesales: cross-selling and up-selling, liquidation management …)
  • Point of sale management: inventory management, replenishment and integration of cash systems
  • Integration of online sales function
  • CRM Integration

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