The Asset Maintenance management platform for your SAP System

Discover Ready4 Asset Management, a unique asset performance platform for maintenance and field service. Simplify and digitalise the end-to-end maintenance flow and servicing of your assets and save time and money. Ready4 Asset Management provides complete operational-focused support to all your key stakeholders in their day to day workload and responsibilities.
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Ready4 Asset Management has been designed to industrialise and automate your maintenance processes. It gives you a 360-degree on your entire data flow across all your SAP systems. From notification creation to work order management, Bill of Materials, planning, scheduling and execution, each process is simplified and intuitive.


  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Workflow dashboards
  • Visibility of maintenance history
  • Spare parts and tooling reservation
  • Dynamic resources allocation
  • Accurate capacity management (automatic interaction with your SAP system)
  • Visual scheduling with graphical Gantt charts
  • Full mobile online/offline access for field engineers
  • Embedded real-time access to your SAP system

Why do we trust the Asset Management platform

Supporting your maintenance and field service challenges from delivery to improvement and enhanced performance has always been a challenge, both logistically and financially.

Capitalising on a bi-directional connector, preventing your critical data from being manipulated, extracted or stored in another database, we guarantee SAP will be the sole repository for your proprietary data.

We have a fully integrated platform to digitally transform your maintenance and field service operations. Ready4 Asset Management will help prioritise and align the right maintenance activity at the right time with the right people, ensuring you provide the best customer experience.


Our unique platform focuses on specific processes to help you manage your end-to-end maintenance flow. Ready4 Asset Management is designed to simplify and digitalise your maintenance processes and the servicing of your assets. Discover below what Ready4 Asset Management includes.



Initiation Asset management SAP

How accurately and quickly you capture incidents in the field and report them to your maintenance teams is key. But frequently work requests are not matched to the right assets and the maintenance required is incorrectly described. Sometimes there can be several reports from different people on the same issue increasing workload and duplicating effort, or at other times the problem is forgotten and not reported at all.
Ready4 Asset Management gives you an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to create the fields you need, scan or use OCT to identify each asset and upload photos. You will get instant access to all pending and historic data about your asset and be able to add incident and damage coding to structure each work request.

  • Quickly create work requests which are immediately centralised in SAP
  • Simplify gatekeeping with quality data input for all work requests
  • Prevent duplicate work requests
  • Empower your maintenance and production workers with an easy-to-use mobile tool for work requests and follow-up
  • Get a single version of the truth in one digital dashboard, with no paper trail or separate data sources


Gatekeeping sap

The gatekeeping process allows you to assess, evaluate, prioritise and validate your work requests. Ready4 Asset Management puts checks in so that you can link your work request with the validation of the work before it commences.
• Validate relevancy of all active notification
• Plan potential sanity check onsite (inspection)
• Assess urgency of requests
• Seamlessly transform the notification into a work order


Planning and Preparation

Planning and Preparation SAP

The planning and preparation stage is key to every intervention and potential escalation and ensures your technicians and engineers are empowered with the key information from the outset to complete each assigned work order, saving a lot of time.
With Ready4 Asset Management your work is precisely defined in the right fields so that the maintenance order and prerequisites are accurate, and the right labour, parts and tooling resources are allocated. Any relevant documentation can easily be added to the work order to assist the technician in doing their job.

  • Each work order created from scratch
  • Capitalise on historic maintenance data
  • Prepare information in the field or wherever you need to
  • Standardised processes mean everyone involved can prepare for the maintenance intervention
  • Plan all tooling, equipment and spare parts
  • Full integration and interaction of document management system


Scheduling in SAP

Get a clear view on all your maintenance activity & workload, including pending work orders, overdue and any backlog Avoid capacity issues by ensuring all tools, equipment, workforce and spare parts are allocated and available. Monitor the maintenance window vs. your estimate work order execution timeframe.

  • Oversight of all pending orders, overdue and backlog
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly scheduling
  • Schedule all resources effectively
  • Anticipate and remediate any capacity issues
  • Generate simulation between preventive & corrective, comparing feasibility in order to take appropriate decision



Technicians can easily access their daily and weekly workloads and priority scheduling, with online/offline access as required. The management dashboards enable senior leaders to easily see comparisons for forecast versus actual maintenance.

  • Technician access to daily and weekly workloads
  • Prioritise workload lists
  • Mobile Online/offline access to work orders
  • Field execution
  • Spare parts stock and consumption
  • Embedded time registration capabilities (including start-stop-pause-finish)
  • Manage through intuitive link manuals and tutorials
  • Checklists
  • Can report incidents and relevant communication



Sign-off is an important part of the process in maintenance and field service. With the platform you can assess each work order with a formal validation and sign-off process for quality control, deliverables and specific accountability. Sub-contractors should also be included in the sign-off process.

  • Formal validation and sign off
  • Ensure quality and accountability controls
  • Inclusion of subcontractor work
  • Fast digital sign off


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