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What is an Intelligent ERP?

Intelligent ERP systems provide more actionable insights and predictive indicators to help businesses navigate the dynamics of growth more easily. Intelligent ERP systems use assistive and conversational artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent robotic process automation, situation handling, machine learning, and big data and predictive analytics to forecast, track, learn about, route, analyze, predict, report on, and manage resources and business processes. This approach makes it easier to get a full picture of the company in real time that is more accurate and up to date.”

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eBooks on latest digital SAP technologies

Discover a range of informative eBooks on the latest SAP technologies & topics to help optimise business processes and are free to download on our website.



Why do we need an intelligent ERP?

Across a diverse range of industries, even the most traditional enterprises are creating opportunities to disrupt their markets and transform their business models. Traditional car manufacturers like Ford or Volvo are transforming into ‘mobility services’ or ‘digital entertainment businesses’. Luxury hotels are ‘turning guests into fans’ by interacting with them via radio-frequency identification RFID and Virtual Reality. Everywhere businesses are looking to connect, understand and engage with their customers.

At the same time businesses are still faced with the same challenges as ever: attracting and retaining talent, becoming more efficient, increasing productivity, controlling quality, managing risk, managing cashflow and winning new business.

That’s why business leaders need a longer-term vision which is ultimately to find ways to make every aspect of their organisation – their processes, services, products and customer experience, automatically better over time. Without a vision for an intelligent enterprise, business of all types and sizes are practically sealing their future demise

SOA People has the Expertise to inspire your business performance and support your journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with the ERP solution, SAP S/4HANA:

  • Rethink your value propositions
  • Create new digital business processes
  • Develop value-add business-focused services


Our Digital Transformation Program

The SOA People S/4HANA Program and Factory opens the door to a digital future for customers of all sizes. Whatever stage they are, they access the full range of SAP S/4HANA-based options and industry solutions to drive their digital transformation journey forward.

If you are not an SAP customer and are looking at start your journey, we have a number of services to support you

If you are already an SAP customer, check out our Ready2 Smart Migrate offering, SOA People’s unique package solution for migration from SAP ERP to S/4HANA


Why choose a cloud-based ERP system

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the next generation ERP that gives you full industry and line of business coverage. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Edition is open and extendible and provides comprehensive security and compliance – just as you’d expect from SAP.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is based on the same code line, data model, semantic and user experience as on-premise. But running your ERP in the cloud has multiple benefits:

  • Stay closer to industry standards and enjoy greater business agility
  • Reduce implementation time and effort
  • Take advantage of new innovations as they happen with quarterly upgrades
  • Benefit from the same level of functional scope of ERP services
  • Extend with In-App or Side-by-Side options via SAP Cloud Platform together with API Hub and hundreds of available APIs
  • Deploy SaaS with infrastructure from SAP or hyperscalers such as Microsoft or Google
  • Enjoy 99.9% availability
  • License your SaaS based on subscription


Why choose RISE with SAP?

- Freedom of deployment. You can choose between public and private
- No longer restricted to SAP data centres, with access to Hyperscalers
- You have the option for a Brownfield approach. You don’t have to start from scratch
- Subscription license from SAP is based on Full User Equivalent (number of users)
- Business Technology Platform and Business Networks are included
- Quickly transform and manage your business processes at scale with Signavio, included with the Business Process Intelligence suite

For advice and to gain further understanding of what RISE with SAP can deliver, we recommend an assessment and analysis of your needs.

Download the infographic: "Cloud Models comparison"


Intelligent ERP

There is always a perception with technology that if it isn’t broken why change it? Apart from SAP ERP named ECC6 reaching end of life on 2025, it is normally specific business reasons that drives the migration onto the SAP S/4HANA platform.

SAP S/4HANA is the newest generation of ERP offering the latest best practice, user experience and faster analytics than ever before. Businesses now have the opportunity to accelerate business processes, innovate and simplify their IT environments.

We want to inspire your business performance and support your journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

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