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Internet of Things (IoT) and SAP



What and Where

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes our lives easier by connecting everyday devices so they interact and work together automatically. IoT uses sensors to transmit data across your transactional systems, then transforms it into business outcomes.

With IoT you’ll have the power to enable new business models and revenue streams driving a step change in your productivity and customer experience.

IoT exists in virtually every business, transforming data into business context. From supply chains and predictive maintenance in manufacturing, to connected cars, buildings, healthcare and utilities, sensors can measure temperature, motion, humidity, light, location and many more things​.

In logistics, it can be used for track and trace and in retail for precision marketing. It can measure usage so you can introduce pay-per-use or smart metering. It can be used to monitor CO2 and humidity in offices, schools and other environments to ensure healthy and safety regulations are adhered.

Other examples include:

  • Ensure product supply is sufficient by monitoring consumption rates
  • Optimise sales with just-in-time inventory replenishment
  • Reduce risk of products spoiling by ensuring optimal storage conditions
  • Increase customer experience and outcomes


Capitalising IoT with SAP

IoT unlocks the potential of your SAP systems and empowers your business processes with insights derived from your SAP and non-SAP data.

Central to your SAP portfolio is your operational systems. This is precisely where IoT gives you infinite opportunities to extend your capabilities. From manufacturing and supply chain, logistics and procurement, to people engagement, digital core and network and spend management, your business-critical processes can be powered with IoT.

SAP’s unique solutions provide end-to-end integration with all the connectivity and security you need. SAP S/4HANA’s intelligent ERP allows enterprises to digitalise their operational processes with out of the box scenarios across industry sectors and lines of business, providing defined content and reducing development times.


How to get started in IoT

The good news is that you can start small in IoT.

With solution ideation and innovation coaching, we can work with you to identify your business case. From there we rapidly develop prototyping for your IoT case scenario (usually within two weeks). We’ll deliver a fully operational prototype which will provide a comprehensive indication of how the technology would work in real life, and how it would drive business value. With your prototype, you’ll be ready to develop your business case further and start your iterative development and roll-out.

During this process it’s important to combine the right balance between the end value for your business, the technology and user experience. Creating a prototype is relatively fast and supports your aims while accelerating your IoT learning. Our innovation coaching is specifically designed to handhold our customers through this process, helping to define the roadmap, proof of concept and to realise the innovation.

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Why choose SOA People?

Our experience in delivering IoT methodology is second to none. We recently worked with a Dutch manufacturer to steer them through a rapid innovation IoT process. Within 10 days we produced a prototype to demonstrate how sensors in their manufacturing ovens could trace and track temperature changes to monitor deviations in product quality and reduce complaints.

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We’ll deliver a fully operational prototype which will provide a comprehensive indication of how the technology would work in real life, and how it would drive business value

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