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Our Factoring solution to generate liquidity fast in SAP

Automate your factoring management to quickly generate liquidity and higher equity rates anytime and turn invoices into immediate cash by offering to banks and factoring providers.
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Our Factoring solution

Factoring within Ready4 Credit Management allows you to automate the sale of receivables, helping you to meet contractual responsibilities and improve your working capital. Fully integrated with SAP, it creates paperless processing of factoring contracts all integrated within your accounting system.

  • Integration of data from your SAP systems and different external sources into one solution to give you real-time receivables selling.
  • Own funding resources giving you independency from bank loans.
  • Rapidly increase cash-flow by detecting liquidity shortages using own accounts receivables.
  • Improve your purchases by getting volume and early payment discounts.
  • Quick access to additional liquidity is only a few mouse clicks away.
Transfer and off load the risk

Factoring allows you to automate sales of receivables, which is now an important part of corporate finance to make your business risk transparent. It helps you rapidly increase cash-flow by easily detecting liquidity shortages using own accounts receivables. In just a few clicks, you can transfer and offload the risk and free up valuable resources to concentrate on your core business.


Every software component of our digital platform focuses on specific processes related to best practices on credit management, to support you at every stage. Factoing is designed for all industries and can be easily implemented within a short-time frame. Discover below what Factoring covers.

R4CM Factoring software

R4CM Factoring solution has been designed specifically to help you manage risk and improve your cash flow. With access to both local and worldwide factoring institutions to quickly gain additional liquidity, Factoring gives you all the tools you need to ensure you can improve your equity ratio and reduce loan costs.

  • Integration of data from you SAP system and different external sources into one solution, giving you real-time receivables selling.
  • Factoring contract mapping in SAP for paperless and efficient management including all terms and conditions for account receivables saleability.
  • Reduction of dependency on banks and expensive loans by factoring your own account receivables.


When can companies consider selling own account receivables to a factoring institution ?

In some cases companies may need an additional investment for special projects, fund operations during peak seasons or increase own equity ratio before disclosing balance sheets and financial statements.

Companies can convert accounts receivables into liquidity by factoring them to business banks like BNP Paribas, Eurofactor or Commerzbank. This gives companies the ability to generate additional cash flow and increase own working capital.

How can you fulfill your duties in order to select the accounts receivable to sell ?

The component Factoring Management from R4CM enables the digital mapping for the factoring process agreed with the business bank, such as permissible account receivable maturities for the purchase process, as well as an automated filtering and selection of open invoices directly from SAP for the purchase process. After performing a purchase run in the application, invoices get a factoring status showing the ones that can be successfully factored and turned into cash-flow.


Save time on credit risk assessments with process automation and gain access to real-time information.

It is becoming more & more important for companies to be able to do faster and more accurate credit assessments.​ By automating your manual credit risk actions you will improve efficiency, minimise errors as well as save time & operational costs

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