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A Complete ERP Solution for Maintenance Services

Get complete control of your or your customer’s equipment fleet, its status and availability. Our Ready4 Maintenance solution enables full integration of all your service activities with all lines of your business, helping to optimise and align resource usage, both human and material.
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Ready4 Maintenance is designed to help you optimally manage the entire lifecycle of your maintenance services business. It assists with the planning and resourcing of your maintenance activities and day-to-day decision making, ensuring you can run your customer installed base efficiently and effectively.

Link your customer relationships, technical teams and activities from the contract and installation through to intervention and SLAs. Our Ready4 Life sciences solution prioritises scheduling and intervention times and gives you 100% visibility of the profitability of your service levels.

Our dedicated pre-configured solutions and add-ons are certified by SAP, the leading vendor in the Services and Maintenance sector, and are fine-tuned to meet the needs of your maintenance and service business.

  • 360 management or your maintenance and intervention contract
  • Perfect visibility of the client file and the installed base
  • Integrated solution based on the leading SAP publisher and its innovative technologies or centralised, reliable and real-time data management
  • Digital platform included to develop new business models and applications that simplify your service
  • Manage integrated resource planning from a simple, user-friendly application
  • Mobile processes execution for field agents




End to End Technical and Commercial Management


Integrate your technical and commercial management activities so you have complete visibility of your client files. Our tools can assist with service contracts from your customer base in and managing instructions and spare part lists effectively to ensure a high level of customer service.

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Complete control of inventory


We can help with inventory management including repairs, equipment returns and rental to ensure you are able to responds quickly and effectively to your customer needs.

Optimising your resources


Manage your resource planning using a simple, fully integrated application to organise optimum work schedules and availability, skills management as well as the management of equipment, tools, and spare parts.

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Mobilising your processes


Interact directly with your services agents thanks to the mobile applications. Manage your daily activities offline or online to ensure work is completed on time, wherever you are and harmonise article referencing to check all materials that are referenced are in your contracts.

Managing your costs margins


With 360 Degree management of your maintenance and intervention controls as well as analytics that help with budget planning and loan calculation, cost margins can be effectively controlled.


Installed base definition

  • Complete equipment master management
  • Maintenance of individual data for each piece of equipment
  • Perform maintenance and service activities on the equipment on a regular basis, either planned or unplanned, with a history of what has been done
  • Link between the sub-equipment and functional location

Contracts management

  • Decrease the complexity of contract creation
  • Reduce the risk of data entry errors
  • Optimise information exchanges between entities
  • Harmonise article referencing
  • Speak business language to users
  • Make choices without knowing the SAP technique

Warranties management


Warranties are an integral part of onboarding new customers and equipment. We make it easy for you to handle and verify equipment warranties and assign warranty contracts to maintenance and service plans.

  • Verification of equipment warranties
  • Assignment of contracts to maintenance plans and equipment
  • Automated decision on whether activity related billing should be triggered or not.

Repair process


Warranty Verification and Assignment of Contract to Notification

  • Verification of equipment warranty
  • Assignment of a service product in the notification

Performing the service through a service order

  • Clear organisation of deliveries and responsibilities
  • Centralised control of service costs

Management of returns

  • Tracing defective components
  • Invoicing of the component value with a credit note

Record management

  • Linking of customer documents, technical documents
  • SAP documents/objects and transactions.
  • Provides an overview of global actions

Resource planning


Our Add-on Ready4 Advanced Scheduling simplifies your operational maintenance planning and field service scheduling in SAP. It helps you to prioritise your operations and supports work scheduling, human resource planning and tooling. Its drag and drop functionality together an easy-to-use graphical user interface and dashboards give you a centralised view for all your operational maintenance planners.

  • Streamline your maintenance operations, whether executing service tasks or planning a shutdown 
  • Optimise your work force, machinery and material resources 
  • Keep your assets in good working condition 
  • Manage resources with the agility and flexibility to meet market requirements and improve customer satisfaction 


  • Access to equipment location, repair history, service order details and required materials 
  • Record field measurementaimed at reducing unscheduled downtime and its impact on production 
  • Create field notifications, which are sent to the approval workflow in SAP for quick troubleshooting 
  • Automate various types of field checks such as corrosion, valves, tank gauges and compressor 
  • Compliance with regulatory constraints 
  • Mobile-enabled spare parts record management by field technicianensuring they have the right part at the right time 
  • Automated time recording procedure synchronised with the ERP: the technician records his work time on a service order and the time not worked 
  • No more double data entry and waste of time: the technician records in the field the work done, the parts used, the failure codes 

Spare parts management

  • Order parts on time with enhanced inventory tracking 
  • Track spare parts stock in technician vans or in your warehouse using mobile applications 
  • Management of the following tasks: 
  • Management of material stocks in quantity and value, 
  • Planning, recording and documenting all stock movements, 
  • Execution of the physical inventory 

Dedicating reporting: customer, contract, equipment


Multi-dimensional analysis according to your business axes (customers, type of service, regions) 

Track and follow:  

  • Wrench Time 
  • MTBF 
  • OEE 
  • Cost of maintenance downtimes 
  • Number of interventions to solve a problem 
  • Measurement of the contracted service level 
  • Profitability of the contract, project and intervention 
  • Number of interventions under warranty  
  • Level of resources allocated 
  • Number of claims 
  • Available stock 
  • Number of credit notes 

Other support processes


The following support processes are also part of our solution: 

  • Finance and control 
  • Human resources 
  • Purchasing  
    Inventory management 

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