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Streamline your industrial maintenance processes with SAP

Simplify your industrial maintenance execution with your maintenance planners in SAP. Effectively manage your field service planning and workloads with all your resources, labour, tooling and spare parts in one place.
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Ready4 Advanced Planning is fully integrated with SAP and is part of our Asset Maintenance Management platform. This powerful, intuitive tool provides an easy-to-use, web-based experience for all your maintenance planning processes. Using drag and drop functionality you can quickly manage all the planning and preparation of your work orders in one place.

  • Integrate all your work orders into SAP for your maintenance planners
  • Capitalise on your maintenance history and select from check lists to save time and money
  • Plan maintenance tasks step-by-step and include spare parts required and duration
  • Improve and facilitate your work order preparation
  • View all of your data in real-time

Supporting Maintenance Technicians

Streamline the creation and planning of work orders and make life easy for your technicians to do their job in the field. Give your technicians all the step-by-step information they need to ensure your and your customers’ machinery and equipment keeps running smoothly without interruption.


Our unique platform focuses on specific processes to help you manage your end-to-end maintenance flow. Ready4 Advanced Planning is designed to help plan your maintenance processes and the servicing of your assets. Discover below what Ready4 Advanced Planning includes.

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Work Order Preparator

Advanced Planning - Work Order Preparator

Ready4 Advanced Planning brings the user experience of work order preparation to the next level with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. Use the cockpit to centralise all relevant information and work orders in one place.

  • All the tools you require to easily integrate Task Lists and BOM
  • Easily see your maintenance history and copy past work orders, parts consumption and documents into the preparation
  • Get real-time stock information of your spare parts
  • Attach relevant documents and drawings for easy reference

Task List Generator

R4 Advanced Planning Task List Generatorlow

The Task List Generator generates task lists by scanning your maintenance history and displaying work orders from that history. Select which operations from past work orders you need to create or update your new Task Lists.

Dynamic Task List Integration

R4 Advanced Planning Image 5 Dynamic Task Listlow

The Dynamic Task List Integration tool lets you dynamically change your data based on customising rules. Use static data to create a work order and add some dynamic data to a new field for each new job, such as sub-contractors, work centres or activity type.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Generator

R4 Advanced Scheduling low

Browse your history using the BOM Generator tool for maintenance parts consumption and then analyse its relevancy. Based on the parts consumption history, create, update or delete BOM items.


How do you ensure you get relevant data into your work order?

Getting the right SAP-integrated tool to build your Master Data based on your maintenance history is key. Capitalising on your maintenance history is the most efficient way to create work orders for your maintenance contracts in the most efficient way, using patterns by functional location and equipment. Extracting previous data and creating new work orders by selecting data from a checklist you will save time and money.

Why choose SOA People’s solution to help with planning your service management?

Digitalising and integrating your field service management into your ERP will align the entire community of people involved in this process so they can easily collaborate, whether on the payroll or as a contractor.  SOA People’s intelligent optimisation software has all modern functionality embedded, such as mobile access, alerts, KPIs and so on. It’s been designed to generate the best possible routes in real-time, considering external factors such as traffic, and control capacity management.


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