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Credit Report solution for your SAP system

Assess, screen and monitor your customers’ creditworthiness. Retrieve credit reports in real-time from international credit rating bureaus directly in your SAP system to make critical credit decisions and minimise risk.
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Our Credit Report solution

Credit Report within Ready4 Credit Management allows you to easily assess a customer’s credit rating using up-to-date solvency data and helps you to screen companies for possible risk indicators. Fully integrated with SAP and directly connected to leading credit bureaus, it makes monitoring customer’s credit risk easy.

  • Homogeneous overview of credit reports from different international credit rating bureaus with credit exposure in SAP.
  • A single user-friendly cockpit software solution.
  • Get up-to-date solvency and behaviour data from leading Credit Agencies.
  • Proactively access and monitor credit rating information in real-time.
Direct access to leading Credit Rating Bureaus

Ready4 Credit Report allows you to seamlessly retrieve report information from various international credit rating bureaus directly in SAP without having to access their website. Using live credit behaviour information gives you on-going surveillance capability and aids your decision making as well allowing you to develop new business relationships.

Complete overview of customer risk

Ready4 Credit Report gives you the opportunity to identify customers most at risk to default on payments using a plethora of credit data. By automating your processes, you can generate reports using SAP master data along with credit report data. This gives you an insight into risky prospects and provides an early warning and notification system based on rule engine.


Every software component of our digital platform focuses on specific processes related to best practices on credit management, to support you at every stage. Ready4 Credit Report is designed for all industries and can be easily implemented within a short-time frame. Discover below what Credit Report covers.

Ready4 Credit Management’s Credit Reports

Ready4 Credit Management’s Credit Report solution has been designed specifically to help you manage your credit risk. With direct access to credit rating bureaus and a powerful cockpit for a complete overview of potential risks, Credit reports gives you all the tools you need to ensure the right credit decisions are made.

  • 360-degree view of your customers credit rating.
  • Supported by experts within Credit Management giving in-depth training to key users.
  • Direct integration of credit ratings information makes work more efficient on a daily basis.


How can you learn about customer’s creditworthiness before signing an order?

The component Information Management from R4CM has been developed to seamlessly connect SAP master records with external credit bureaus in real time. It makes it possible, at any stage of the sales process, to perform credit checks on customers by calling for credit report information from a credit bureau and, when needed, activate a monitoring order to get report updates directly in SAP. Having credit report information before signing a sales order with the customer is particularly relevant in order to choose the right payment terms and ask for credit coverages or collaterals on time.

How can you keep track of main supplier’s creditworthiness to avoid disruptions in the supply chain?

In all companies there are some key suppliers feeding production lines and supply chains with specific items and services critical to guarantee an uninterrupted delivery and service to customers. Companies need to avoid delivery delays from key suppliers or suddenly having to face failed deliveries because a supplier has become insolvent, to ensure the supply chain delivers an uninterrupted service. It is therefore important that companies assess and monitor default risks associated with key suppliers and their business sustainability to guarantee a safe and continous service.


Save time on credit risk assessments with process automation and gain access to real-time information.

It is becoming more & more important for companies to be able to do faster and more accurate credit assessments.​ By automating your manual credit risk actions you will improve efficiency, minimise errors as well as save time & operational costs

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