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SAP Private Cloud Hosting

Unlock the full value of your SAP Systems with the full range of SAP Cloud hosting services
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Without continuity and reliability your business systems could be at serious risk. You need the best services and solutions to be available 24/7 in a comprehensive cloud infrastructure with excellent standards of security.

Considerable investments and high levels of expertise are required to deliver these services. But achieving this is challenging.

About our SAP HANA Private Cloud Hosting services

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SOA People is a leading Platinum SAP Partner that can provide you with the full range of SAP Cloud hosting services.

With our own SAP HANA Private Cloud solutions you can guarantee continuous availability of your business systems. Our expertise, SAP capabilities and pragmatic approach ensure you get the best platform and economies of scale for your SAP roadmap.

With our OPEX model and in-depth experience we provide you the optimum private cloud solution together in the most cost effective way.

As your trusted SAP partner we enable you to stay ahead of the latest innovations and developments, ensuring your systems give you the flexibility you need according to demand whilst optimising your total cost of ownership.

Why choose a Private Cloud over a Public Cloud Solution?

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  • Less security risk
  • No need for automatic updates, less testing and more stability
  • Specific customer solutions and assigned guaranteed resources and performance
  • Flexibility, and choice of preferred connectivity and integration
  • Mix of shared and dedicated resources to ensure maximum HANA performance
  • Adjustable SLA’s per customer if required
  • Individual Backup and Retention Strategy are possible

What does our SAP Private Cloud Solutions give you?


SAP Private Cloud Solutions give you a wealth of benefits including:

SAP capability:

  • SAP end-to-end proactive monitoring to guarantee availability and performance
  • SAP platform with a unique flexibility and scalability
  • SAP Technical support included in services

Advanced technology:

  • Flexible provisioning of cloud solutions and connectivity
  • Datacenter concept based on Tier 3+ to guarantee the highest availability/failover in case of a disaster (partnership with T-Systems)

Service and Support:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support if needed

Cost savings:

  • Complete end-to-end solution at a fixed monthly fee

  • Economies of scale and automation of services

Quality assurance

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