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A leading partner in Business Strategy Execution powered by SAP


Based in the heart of Europe, we are a fast-growing global technology and consultancy company, focused on helping customers transform into exceptionally efficient, high performing businesses. We are always thinking big, aiming to inspire our customers with new ways of working, achieve higher levels of customer experience and grow fast.

Passionate about your business

Across all industries and for companies of all sizes, our portfolio of offerings and products, proven methodology and professional approach continues to deliver world class technology solutions. In this digital era, we are particularly proud of our track record of innovative projects. Together, the only limitation is our imagination.
“SOA People is about passion. People are the heart of our strategy and it’s no coincidence it is part of our company name. Our success is founded on a strong, sustainable model and service excellence” Khalil Hodaibi, CEO. “The value that SOA People provides is in aligning the process, the organisaion and the tools and we are confident about our roadmap and what the future holds”

A digital journey for customers

From the outset, we always engage with our customers by understanding their ambition, vision, strategy and challenges. We want them to think big, start small and grow fast, ensuring they are comfortable with visible quick wins to engage them into a digital shift.

Our customers are our partners. Working collaboratively, we deep dive into their businesses and allow then to dive into ours. This is why we deliver more than IT solutions. We help our customers to see the bigger picture, delivering business and growth outcomes to enable performance.

SOA People in figures

A Pan European partner with an international reach. We are focused on helping our highly successful customers to transform their businesses.

Experts across the globe

Customers in all lands of industries and companies of all sizes

Years of continuous success


Regional offices in Europe

Innovation at SOA People

The common focus of SOA People is agility and Innovation. We inspire innovative solutions powered by SAP, to deliver performance excellence for our customers.
In this digital era, business and technology need to work in close harmony. When we interact with a service and with technology, we expect to have the ultimate customer experience, with real time data at our fingertips. Employees, suppliers and customers want to see this.
SOA People is committed to supporting your strategic journey all the way, from design and delivery through to improvement and performance. From Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Internet of Things to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They all combe for one main objective – to deliver satisfaction and a new customer experience.

Our product strategy

SOA People prides itself by being a product company as well as delivering first class SAP services. Throughout our journey, we have been focused on incorporated the experience collected from hundreds and hundreds of customers into our specific SAP product roadmap. In addition to the SAP standard product portfolio, these products, developed by our team of experts, add clear incremental value to our customers.
All of these certified product suites leverage SAP technology and have been designed based on SAP’s architecture guidelines.
In particular our flagship products include:

A strong SAP Partnership

SOA People is an SAP Platinum Partner with the capabilities, team, and credibility to take you on your digital journey. We are a partner who is 100% focused on the complete SAP Life cycle and knows how to push the boundaries of SAP technology.
With a significant team of accredited SAP consultants, we have the European scale and specialist expertise to support SAP projects and organisations of all sizes, as well as the breadth and depth to deliver the full end to end SAP service portfolio.

Our Industry expertise

Our industry experience spans across all sectors with deep business knowledge. This expertise has been distilled into our Ready to Business global ERP packages, including pre-configured, ready to use solutions for a range of industries
In particular, SOA People is certified on a number of pre-configured SAP Solutions and Services, including:

Your performance is in our DNA

We are passionate about turning your challenges today into successful technology led business outcomes for your future success.
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