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Testimonial of LHOIST - A successful digitalisation of asset management processes

Sparks Meeting (Brussels)

During this event we received the exclusive testimonial of LHOIST with Geoffroy FIEVET, Corporate Maintenance, Director of LHOIST. He presented how they had successfully digitized their asset management processes and gave his feedback about the solution Ready4 Asset Management.

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22nd June 2023
40 min

This event provided us with an excellent opportunity to share the experience of Lhoist, with over 45 participants in attendance. Geoffroy Fivet, Corporate Maintenance Director at Lhoist, presented how they integrate a successful digitalization of their Asset Management Processes, which is based on the Ready4 Asset Management solution developed by SOA People and dedicated to SAP.

During this event, we discussed various key questions, including:

✅What are the main challenges faced by maintenance managers?
✅Which tools are best suited for addressing these challenges?
✅What are the current trends in asset management?

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Geoffroy FIEVET

Corporate Maintenance Director of LHOIST


Mohammed Merkachi

Product Innovation Manager at SOA People

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