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Credit Expo Belgium

De Montil Affligem

As many know, Credit Expo is the biggest business event for the credit management industry in Belgium. Also during this 7th edition, SOA People will participate.

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April 20 2023
09h00 - 18h00 CET
Discover the workshop:

Using technology the right way will simplify and optimize your Credit Management processes​

How many times do you ask yourself the question; Are we in line with our cash allocation processing and our credit management portfolio? Can we send out the dunning towards our customers or do we have to check the bank again? And even more time consuming, do we have to check the credit approvals manually again, before taking actions towards our customers?

Every day financials all over the world are struggling to get real time data from their ERP system. And most of the time this also includes manual checks, which are of course error-prone and relatively time-consuming!

But how will technology help credit managers improve the autonomy in all different analysis, accelerate the access to trusted information and focus on high value-added activities? ​

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Can't wait until April 20?

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