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Data Insights Week - Imagine automated value management by SAP

Data Insights Week, which took place from 26 until 30 October 2020, is a week filled with live and on-demand interactive webinars of various data experts. In 30 minutes you will get the latest data insights, information and inspiration regarding Big Data and Data Science.

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26 October 2020

How to improve data analysis to make the most of your SAP System ?​
How to improve the interpretation of data to boost your business and make sure you make the right decision for the best profitable investment?​

Data is the “new gold” for those who know how to analyze, interpret and use that data to build an effective business case. 

Create operational excellence by shifting from single project implementation to actively managed continuous business process improvement.
Become a data-driven "decision maker" and learn how to increase the benefits and ROI of your SAP environment.


  • The advantages of Big Data & AI with SAP Value Management
  • Data as “heart of excellence”: Build a business with factual information and justify your transformation journey and the intelligent enterprise.
  • Why data is essential for value management and how to use it to achieve your business challenge ?
  • Demonstration of Performer promise, experience sharing and best practices
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David Houssemand

Chief Performer for SAP Officer

Former CEO and cofounder of Inventy acquired by SOA People Specialist in Value Management - Transformation of IT into business value

Hervé Voilquin

Managing Director, SOA People Switzerland

Passionate about business transformation and value management

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