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Intelligent ERP solutions for Professional Services organisations

The primary assets of your company are knowledge and people. You operate in a very dynamic and competitive market. Day-to-day operations are probably characterised by high volumes of deals and increasingly project-oriented work.

If your organization still uses multiple systems or older versions of an ERP application, you won’t have the flexibility and deep insight you need to manage your KPIs.

Challenges for Professional Services organisations

Challenges for
Delivery Managers

Delivery Manager Professional Services

As a Delivery Manager you know exactly which people and skills you need and who is available. But new projects, scope changes and delays keep requiring changes in your planning.

How can you keep all your customers happy and employees productive? You must have detailed insight into projects as well as available resources at all time.

How we can help
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Challenges for

CFO Professional Services

As a CFO you must have insight into your company’s financial KPIs 24/7. You need to be able to forecast accurately, report to all stakeholders and ensure the organisation remains profitable.

At the end of the month, you have to scramble to fix all the reports and make sure all invoices are sent on time.

How we can help
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Challenges for
HR Managers

HR Manager Professional Services

Your business is nothing without people. And people are your business, from hire to retire. Employees expect you to get them the most interesting jobs and the board wants you to keep supplying a steady stream of talent.

But without clear insight into the evolving needs of the organisation and up-to-date HR data you simply don’t have enough time and the right tools to achieve your goals.

How we can help
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Achieve business goals

SOA People’s intelligent ERP solutions for Professional Services support you in achieving your business goals:

  • Increase productivity through intelligent and flexible resource planning
  • Control costs
  • Attract and retain the most talented people
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Financial and tax compliance

Optimise performance

Professional Services organisations need to maximise intellectual and social capital in order to stay competitive.

SOA People can help you regain control of operations and planning, increase operational efficiency and improve customer service.


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