Providing SAP life-cycle expertise and competence where and when you need it – in 24 hours

Your SAP systems are the lifeblood of your organisation and you need to keep them fully functioning 24/7. But getting the right flexible remote support when and where you need it for all your different SAP solutions can be a real challenge, especially in today’s climate.

Within 24 hours, our dedicated support organisation can be up and running, helping protect and secure your business continuity. Our pool of senior SAP European consultants can help innovate and execute your business strategy by supporting the full range of your SAP product suite. From planned and managed technical support, system improvements and performance through to emergency incident intervention, our service responds with expertise and competence.


Partner Centre of Expertise certified 2018


Active Quality Management assured since 2011


300 SAP supported customers


SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for Innovation

Guaranteed SAP continuity and priority handling with our incident intervention expertise from more than 60 dedicated consultants across Europe

Remote support and on-site support within 24 hours to suit your business and budget needs

Local language and cultural needs supported by competence centres in Germany, Belgium, France and The Netherlands

One contract with Solution Manager ticketing engine across Europe reaching and leveraging the right expertise for your queries

Affordable flexibility and budget control with intervention limited to 4 hours without customer communication. Anything above and beyond is authorised by you.

A Platinum Partner certified by the SAP Partner Centre of Expertise and authorised to deliver the best service and support internationally.


On-demand Functional Support

For customers who want to reduce the running cost of their SAP landscape. At the same time there may be obstacles that need urgent attention. In additional support may be needed to enable emergency changes to processes or to adapt to different procedures from our customer’s clients. In particular, support includes:

  • Incident handling - urgent support on blocking issues
  • Advanced key-user & business process owner questions
  • Changes & corrections - business critical evolutions

On-demand Technical Support

With limited technical teams, some SAP customers may not have all the skills available for effective interventions at the SAP application level (SAP BC). We provide on-demand and remote support to complement your in-house technical team. In particular, technical support includes:
  • Technical Incident handling - urgent support if stability or performance of SAP is compromised
  • Technical services on-demand
  • System check-up on-demand
You can subscribe to one or both of these services for immediate support
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A Safe Pair of Hands

SOA People is an SAP Platinum partner who is Centre of Excellence certified. We are focused on delivering the best SAP service and flexible support internationally and already have 300 SAP supported customers who benefit from our flexible on demand SAP support. You know you will be in safe hands

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In total we have 300 supported SAP customers

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