SAP Private Cloud Hosting

Gain the advantage of true stability and flexibility
When considering SAP hosting, guaranteeing the end to end availability, stability and performance of the total SAP landscape in a private cloud model is a considerable challenge.
Having the flexibility to scale up and down on demand in line with requirement, and optimising total cost of ownership is not straightforward. Organizations often won’t have the required expertise and infrastructure in-house and need a trusted advisor for future innovations and improvements.

High level experts + state of the art hardware = continuous availability

The SAP Private Cloud Hosting solution ensures continuous availability of your systems through a combination of SOA People’s end-to-end commitment and pragmatic approach with the economies of scale and industrialization of the T-systems platform. All in a low investment, value for money solution.
  • Flexible provisioning of infrastructure and connectivity for an SAP landscape
  • Monitoring and guarantee of availability and performance
  • Complete solution at a fixed monthly fee
  • Economy of scale & industrialization of services (Usage of Tier3+ datacenters)
  • Multi-customer platform with a unique flexibility (upscale / downscale)
  • SAP HANA integrated in a cost efficient way
  • Guarantee of a large player (T-Systems) continuity of service guaranteed
  • Technical support services on SAP and infrastructure
  • 24/ required by SME customers)

The hardware supporting SAP Private Hosting

In addition, SOA people has a direct collaboration with T-Systems:
  • T-Systems is focused on SAP hosting (Large enterprise focus)
  • A highly industrialized platform (more than 2.7 million SAP users)
  • Flexible up and down scaling
  • HANA integrated in the model
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Are you ready to gain the flexibility, scalability and reliability of SAP Private Hosting?
  • Whatever your support requirements, SOA People is Ready to Support

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