SAP HANA delivers real-time information on business performance for Aliphos

The acquisition of the Netherlands production business from another Group brought with it an existing SAP implementation. This implementation was different to the pre-existing investment that had already been made in SAP. To align the two systems, the phosphate producer decided to upgrade to HANA with SOA People's help.


Aliphos is a major global producer of inorganic feed phosphates. The Company, headquartered in Belgium, has established a strong reputation for quality and innovation, producing phosphates for nearly a century and continuously improving its products to fulfil the needs of its customers.


Aliphos had two different SAP systems, one ECC6 and the other 4.6C. They decided to further invest in SAP and align the two systems. They started a project to return the systems back to standard, to work in a uniform way with the same software version, and reduce the management overhead.


  • Simplified SAP System Management
  • Return to a Standard SAP Implementation
  • Improved Management Information & Decision Making
  • Enhanced Performance and Stability

SOA People accepted their responsibilities, respected our timetable and the budget. Our relationship was effective. If we had a question the SOA People team would immediately respond.”

Catalin Varvara, IT Director, EcoPho

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