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Live testimonial: Meier Tobler manages customer credit risk with SAP integrated credit ratings tool 

Creditreform and SOA People are proud to invite Vanessa Nasshoven-Kroelling Head of Accounts Receivable and Credit Management at Meier Tobler AG and Stefan Bissig, Head of Accounting at Meier Tobler AG and  to share their experience.

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27 April 2021

Learn more about the main benefits Meier Tobler is getting from this innovative SAP Solution : Ready4 Credit Management, linked to Creditreform credit reports.

Swiss-based Meier Tobler is a leading provider of building technology, focusing on the areas of air conditioning, ventilation and sanitation. Created in 2018 from the merger of Walter Meier and Tobler Haustechnik, Meier Tobler has 1,300 employees and a turnover of 440 million Euros and works collaboratively with about 20,000 plumbers, planners and architects.

“Following the merger, the leading credit management system was not directly linked to Creditreform, so finance staff had to carry out manual credit report searches. In addition, there were limited log-ins so junior staff had to ask senior staff to print or send reports on their behalf. We needed to consolidate the process and enable credit reports to be directly linked to Creditreform and integrated in our SAP system.” Stefan Bissing, Head of Accounting at Meier Tobler;

During this webinar replay, you will discover how to:

  • improve Credit Risk accuracy and process efficiency
  • gain instant access to customer creditworthiness
  • integrate Creditreform credit data seamlessly and automatically in your entreprise information system
  • integrate sales information and financial information in your company
  • work remotely as a team
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Vanessa Nasshoven-Kroelling

Head of Accounts Receivable and Credit Management at Meier Tobler AG

Stefan Bissig

Head of Accounting at Meier Tobler AG

Bruno Rhomberg

Member of the Management Board, Creditreform Responsible for Partner Management 

Dennis Schulmeister-Zimolong

Product Manager, SOA People AG +15 years in Software Development and Credit Management, University Professor 

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