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Our expertly trained SAP graduates are ready to help build and expand your SAP competence centre.

Why Choose an SOA People Academy Trainee?

We believe that investing in new talent through our SOA People Academy gives our customers access to a quality pool of SAP qualified graduates who are not only trained in the latest SAP technologies but are highly motivated and will be a valuable addition to your business.


  • Academy set up in 2007, with 350 graduates completing their SAP certification to date.
  • Up to 60 graduates recruited annually across a wide range of business areas.
  • 7 Weeks of intensive high-level intensive training, coaching and mentoring.
  • 1 week of on-going exams.
  • Trained in latest SAP technologies, business knowledge and customer engagement.
  • Different disciplines covered, including supply chain, finance and business intelligence.

Benefits of an SAP Graduate

Optimise balance of seniority

Getting the right balance of skills, between experienced personnel and young talent can save you on average 20% on projects and 30% on support costs. SAP graduates can save you money by freeing up senior staff to focus on higher complexity tasks and reduce times of support tickets.

Improve SAP competence centre quality

Deploying SAP graduates improves quality of your SAP competence centre as they are trained in the very latest SAP technologies. They can add value in a range of different SAP competence tasks including: SAP application management, user support, business continuity services and SAP testing and validation.

Increase social responsibility

SAP trainees can bring a wide range of benefits to your business including allowing you to grow your own workforce in a cost-effective way and bridging your future skills gaps. SAP graduates offer not only great value but help customers with specific projects.

Continued quality of service

After completing the intense training, event Academy trainee is certified in two SAP domains within the first three years, in order to be able to provide a continued quality of service. Through evaluation, coaching, training and close management our trainees evolve to becoming fully-fledged SAP consultants in a dedicated Competence Development program which spans a period of 2 to 3 years.


Fast access to latest SAP Skills

Increased efficiencies through balanced competencies

Value for money with optimal seniority mix

Improved quality of your SAP support centre

Increased social responsibility

“With SOA People organising this initiative twice a year, we guarantee the inflow of trainees within a structured Knowledge Transfer approach whilst keeping the support budget constant”


Customers who have benefited from our Academy Program

Over 9 years our international Academy program has shown that all types of customers have relied successfully on our academicians. Here is a selection who have benefited:
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