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6 Ways an SAP trainee could benefit your business

Paul Smitherman |

Frequently we see organisations employing expensive resources to do the jobs that a well-trained SAP graduate could do. As a result, some SAP projects or the structure of internal SAP competence centres are often top heavy and costly. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Our SAP trainees can meet the demand for skills, while creating a cost-effective balance of seniority within your SAP project or competence centre to treat the support tickets and/or participate in new projects.

Assist on support tasks

Firstly, they can assist on support tasks because over 40% of support tickets have a low degree of complexity, in contrast to 70% of support staff having more than two years’ experience. We think therefore it is so important that the business achieves the right balance between experienced personnel and young talent to be more cost-efficient. This usually leads to a saving of up to 30% on SAP support costs.

Assist on Project Tasks

On project tasks, SAP trainees also offer great value by helping the customer representatives (also known as a key users) accomplish their own project tasks, or by doing the tasks themselves where time is short. Here are six ways on how SAP trainees can add value to specific project work:

  1. Assisting the key user in practicing SAP in the sandbox process; tasks include accessing the system, introducing data, executing transactions and making the key user confident enough to continue practising alone.
  2. Assisting the key user to manually load master data, like Routings or Open Orders in SAP.
  3. Helping manually load data from Excel files where the data set is not large enough to develop automatic tooling or when the key user is not available to do it alone.
  4. Helping the key user test the system before the User Acceptance Testing and providing ad-hoc training as required, particularly where the key user is yet not confident enough with their understanding of the system.
  5. Taking responsibility for or participating in writing user documentation to save the key user time during Go Live preparation phase.
  6. Helping the key user to train end users where there is heavy demand. This can be particularly helpful for non-complex training, such as time sheet creation or PO generation.

Other Tasks to help the team

In addition to project-specific tasks, SAP trainees can also help with:

  • Providing first-line support to the organisation
  • Assisting the organisation in keeping the master data correct and complete
  • Assisting the organisation of system evolutions, upgrades
  • Creating and/or enhancing documentation

They can frequently assist with planning and help save up to 20% on SAP projects costs.

Why choose SOA People Academy trainees?

Our SAP talent pool trainees are competent in the latest SAP technologies, business knowledge and customer engagement. In our academy they develop skills needed in different sectors and businesses, gaining first-hand knowledge at customer sites. Each cohort is selected on skill, motivation, drive and professionalism and are mentored throughout the process.

Once our trainees have finished the SOA People Academy and start their first project, they are closely guided throughout, further enhancing their skills. The first objective is to obtain their SAP certification with the help of a mentor. Every Academy trainee is certified in two SAP domains within the first three years, in order to be able to provide a continued quality of service. Through evaluation, coaching, training and close management our trainees evolve to becoming fully-fledged SAP consultants in a dedicated Competence Development program which spans a period of 2 to 3 years.

And with commitment from you to develop the skills needed in your sector and business, these trainees will actively participate in reducing your SAP implementation and maintenance costs. Whether it’s meeting your need for temporary workload peaks or gaining better time to resolution ratios, deploying our SAP trainees is an effective way to keep costs down.

If you need more support on your SAP projects or are looking to save 30% on SAP support costs, contact us to find out more.

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