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The Automated S/4HANA Migration - How Does It Work?

In the realm of SAP S/4HANA migration, businesses often face the challenges of limited resources, extensive timelines, and potential risks. However, with the advent of Mignow, an automated migration tool, these obstacles can be significantly mitigated. In this blog, we will delve into the workings of Mignow and how it simplifies and expedites the process of migrating to S/4HANA. Let's investigate automation's potential!

Due to the upcoming SAP ECC end of maintenance in 2027, demand for S/4HANA migrations has surged. Mignow was developed to automate a sizable chunk of the migration process in order to meet the market shortage of SAP resources.


The advantages of Mignow

By providing a number of crucial advantages, Mignow significantly contributes to the simplification and acceleration of the S/4HANA migration process.

  • Automated Custom Code Conversion: Mignow uses AI-powered automation to convert 95% or more of custom code automatically, minimizing the manual work and potential mistakes involved in code adaption.
  • Mignow offers a high success rate by automatically completing about 85% of the simplification items found during the readiness check, significantly reducing manual labor and risk.
  • Streamlined Customer Vendor Integration: By automating this important component as well, Mignow takes on the challenges of customer vendor integration, which is frequently seen as a pre-migration effort.

Mignow analyzes the target system using cutting-edge AI technologies to estimate how much automation is possible. Mignow gives organizations the ability to successfully automate their migration procedures by utilizing AI.

Mignow and data

Data management, in addition to Mignow's basic capabilities, is essential for a smooth S/4HANA transfer. Through cooperative seminars, stakeholders can come to an understanding of the steps that must be taken inside the ECC system, laying the groundwork for data integrity in the upcoming S/4HANA environment.

Additionally, Mignow enables data verification throughout the conversion cycles to guarantee that data is valid and consistent all the way through the transfer process. Businesses can confidently move on with the migration knowing that the data transported to the new system is accurate and trustworthy by meticulously checking data at several stages.

During the migration from non-HANA to HANA, data compression can achieve an impressive reduction of approximately 30%

SOA People underlines the significance of archiving, businesses can reduce downtime during the migration go-live phase by employing efficient archiving solutions. Additionally, by assuring quicker response times and more streamlined system efficiency, archiving improves the user experience (UX) for end users. Archiving also contributes to a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), particularly in the context of RISE with SAP, where improved data management results in cheaper infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Mignow and deployment

Both RISE with SAP Private Cloud and on-premises deployments are now supported by Mignow. Because of the flexibility, organizations can select the deployment strategy that best meets their requirements.


In summary, Mignow transforms the migration process by eliminating issues and simplifying the trip for organizations throughout the world. Mignow greatly lowers the internal effort and shortens the migration period by automating the custom code migration, simplification item execution, and customer vendor integration (CVI). Mignow equips businesses to take the step to S/4HANA thanks to its AI-powered technologies and compatibility with both on-premises and cloud-based installations. With Mignow, embrace the power of automation and start your successful S/4HANA migration journey right away.

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