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Artificial Intelligence improves your maintenance processes

Charles Grisel |

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as reasoning, problem-solving, speech recognition, and decision-making.

AI technology includes machine learning, where computers can learn from data, as well as "deep learning," where machines are able to process and understand large amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make decisions based on that data.

What forms of AI are applied to Asset Maintenance?

There are various forms of AI that can be applied to asset maintenance, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the application. Some examples include:

Predictive maintenance: This is a form of AI that analyzes data to predict issues before they occur. It uses machine learning techniques to identify patterns in data and detect anomalies, enabling maintenance teams to proactively perform maintenance before a failure occurs.

Condition-based maintenance: This form of AI utilizes sensors and other measuring equipment to monitor the condition of assets. It analyzes data in real-time and generates alerts when deviations are detected, allowing maintenance teams to intervene quickly before significant damage occurs.

Fault detection and diagnosis: This type of AI uses advanced algorithms to detect and diagnose faults and failures. It utilizes data from various sensors and other sources to identify patterns and detect anomalies that may indicate issues with the asset.

Cognitive maintenance: This is a form of AI that employs machine learning and natural language processing to interact with operators and technicians and support their maintenance activities. It utilizes chatbots, speech interfaces, and other communication tools to respond quickly to user inquiries and issues and provide maintenance instructions.

AI in combination with a Maintenance Planning System

AI can be used in combination with a maintenance planning system to enhance and streamline the maintenance process. A maintenance planning system is designed to organize and schedule maintenance activities and optimize asset availability. AI can analyze data and predict when maintenance is needed, optimizing the planning process and minimizing asset downtime.

By utilizing machine learning techniques, AI can identify patterns in data and detect anomalies, allowing for the prediction of issues before they occur. This means that maintenance can be scheduled based on the actual needs of the assets, rather than a predetermined schedule.

A maintenance planning system can also collect data on the maintenance process and asset performance. AI can then analyze this data to identify improvements in the maintenance process and provide recommendations for enhancements. This can lead to optimization of maintenance scheduling, reduction of maintenance costs, and improvement in asset availability and reliability.

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