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HELI transforms business processes with SAP S/4HANA

Heli handles the sale, rental and maintenance of large equipment such as scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, forklifts and mini cranes. With some 1,250 pieces of equipment, its rental fleet allows customers to do what they need to, whether it's working at heights safely, lifting heavy goods or transporting them.

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1 December 2020
45 min

Johan Symoens, CFO of Heli, Laurent Dedoncker, Operations director and Kris van belle, SAP Analyst of Heli share the different stages of a successful SAP S/4HANA project and highlight why this project is essential in supporting Heli's business development strategy.

Heli's team faced several challenges:

  • Multiple legacy systems that had been custom developed were no longer supported and staff were using manual bypass processes.
  • Invoices and financial data were not visible and spare parts and warehousing were not linked.
  • These challenges were leading to inefficiencies within the business whilst operating the existing system.

Heli chose SAP S/4HANA with its SAP Fiori user experience and its ability to create mobile applications.

The benefits for Heli's Business :

  • Efficiency gains and improved decision making for senior executives are made possible in their logistics and business processes.
  • The automated ordering process means Heli is now working with minimum stock levels.
  • Heli has better visibility of inventory management, availability of rental machines, resources and tools.
  • Invoicing is streamlined with automated processes now in place for its average of 2,000 invoices per month, minimising errors and manual intervention.
  • Heli customers benefit from an improved experience in the way they interact with the business as Heli is able to be more responsive to requests
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Johan Symoens

CFO of Heli

Laurent Dedoncker

Operations director of Heli

Kris Van Belle

SAP Analyst of Heli NV

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