SAP Cloud Platform

Joskin drives its own digital transformation and accelerates the innovation process with SAP Cloud Platform

Joskin has the world's largest manufacturing programme of trailers and equipment for the spreading and transport of agricultural products.

It decided to implement the SAP Cloud Platform with direct connectivity to its SAP master data on the existing SAP ERP system to facilitate sales and maintenance.

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3 November 2020
45 min

Olivier Delvaux, IT Manager at Joskin,  shared his own project experience to combine business development with the digitalisation process.

The goal of this project: Deliver a comprehensive after-sales service for customers, accelerate the innovation process and support Joskin's agricultural customers and its extensive network of dealers worldwide.

The project was finalised quickly and the benefits to the company were clear:

  • Real-time data access: It's quick and easy to see stock availability, order a specific part and know it will arrive in time.
  • Improved customer experience: Customers and dealers can access the self-service portal and get live information to enable them to check inventory and order parts quickly.
  • Mobile access: Dealers can view customer's equipment and machinery details and relevant portal information via their mobile device at customer sites and order parts or raise a ticket if needed for repairs.
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Olivier Delvaux

Olivier Delvaux

ICT Manager at JOSKIN

Olivier joined the Joskin group in 2009 and was a key player in the SAP implementation project. Since then, he has worked on implementing electronics to control machines, offering added value to Joskin's customers. Now head of the IT teams, he has accepted the challenge of bringing the next generation of digitalisation to Joskin using the SAP Cloud Platform with the help of a team of genius co-workers ! 


Dr. Tamas Szirtes 

Group Innovation Director, SOA People 

SAP Mentor, SAP S/4HANA Distinguished Engineer, 22 years experience at 100+ customers

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