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Bleckmann invests in SAP ERP and prepares for growth

Bleckmann selected SOA People to ensure a seamless SAP ERP implementation to meet its objectives. It was a complex and innovative project that achieved its aims and was delivered on time and within budget.
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Bleckmann is a European market leader providing Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCM) for the fashion and Lifestyle industry. Based in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a new facility in the UK, Bleckmann distribute 300 million apparel units per year. Bleckmann was formed by the merger of TNT Fashion in The Netherlands and Belspeed in Belgium in 2014.

The Challenge

Johan Milliau, CEO of Bleckmann, explains: "We were merging the two companies and at the same time building a new organisation in the UK. One of the companies we had acquired was very structured and KPI driven company whereas the other company is a fast moving entrepreneurial environment. To integrate them we decided to invest in a new financial and reporting system."


  • A more productive back office – high performance and more efficient
  • Professional SAP system demonstrates Bleckmann’s business credentials to customers
  • Standardisation achieved across a growing business, with more efficient processes
  • A complex, innovative project that achieved its aims, delivered on time and budget
  • A platform for further improvement and growth
“This was an important and major investment for us, but now I have a more productive back office than before. In the coming years we can change the dashboards, and start building to meet to our own needs. I feel comfortable for the coming decade.” Johan Milliau, CEO of Bleckmann.