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Manage your credit risk in SAP



What is Ready4 Credit Management?

Ready4 Credit Management is a complete suite of SAP integrated modules to support your business credit and cash flow management, helping minimise risk and debt losses.

The solution is fully SAP Certified for Credit Management integration with SAP S/4HANA.


You can optimise your Credit Management process through the integration of these different modules, depending on your priorities: Credit Information Management, Risk Management, Credit Insurance Management, Dispute Management, Factoring Management & Debt Collection

Ready4 Credit Management is seamlessly integrated into your SAP ERP environment, aligned with SAP’s technology and processes.

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Credit Information Management

Gain a full understanding of your customer’s track record for payment, before you sign up a significant piece of new business? Take advantage of credit check firms such as Creditsafe or Dun & Bradstreet to assess their credit worthiness into SAP.

READY4 Credit Rating Bureaus has been developed to seamlessly connect your SAP system’s Master Records with external Credit Bureaus in real time.


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Risk Management

In order to plan for sustainable success you need the digital tools to enable you to make business risk transparent. That’s why we’ve developed READY4 Risk Management for automated credit decisions and fine-tuned approval procedures. Designed to help you minimise risk and boost corporate results, READY4 Risk Management helps to proactively avoid bad losses by enabling you to anticipate risks automatically


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Credit Insurance Management

Optimise the performance of your insurance contracts with a READY4 Credit Insurance for SAP.

Reducing your administrative workload while fulfilling your credit insurance obligations is just one of the many business challenges you face. Ready4 Credit Insurance streamlines your paperless insurance contracts and ensures your insurance cover is in place. It is designed to help minimise risk and boost corporate results, proactively avoiding bad losses by enabling you to insure your sales and get sufficient cover on time.

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Dispute Management

It’s necessary to involve all relevant staff and departments for rapid clearance of customer disputes, but it’s not always easy.

Ready4 Dispute Management helps reduce your DSO and secure your cash flow and working capital. This is achieved through centralised administration of disputed case work. It is designed to help gain rapid clearance, centralise effort and reduce workloads by managing business risk around dispute resolution while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.



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Factoring Management

READY4 Factoring Management has been developed for automated sale of receivables, an increasingly important component of corporate financing. Designed to help you generate liquidity and higher equity rates, this digital tool helps you to meet contractual responsibilities and improve your working capital.


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Debt Collection

Information delivered by external debt collector agencies is an important criterion in assessing outstanding debt collection and collecting unpaid invoices.


Ready4 Debt Collector Agencies for external debt collection data is designed to help proactively assess and monitor outstanding debtor information in real-time. It enables you to make business critical decisions and minimise risk.

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