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Ready4 Credit Management

Save time on credit risk assessments with process automation and gain access to real-time information.

It is becoming more & more important for companies to be able to do faster and more accurate credit assessments.​

By automating your manual credit risk actions you will improve efficiency, minimise errors as well as save time & operational costs ​.

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20 April 2021

SOA People helps companies to support their business credit and cash flow management, and helps you Identify, Transfer and Deal with your risks.​

Our Credit Management suite improves corporate results by avoiding bad debt. It simplifies and optimises customer creditworthiness assessment based on internal and external data sources and automates Credit Management processes. ​

We will support you with a Credit Management Suite (CM) solution that provides a user-friendly, efficient and centralised platform fully integrated with SAP Finance to cover best practice processes on Credit Management that is successfully used by more than 600 customers globally.​

Discover how you can transform your credit management process?

After this webinar you will know:​

  • How to save time doing your Credit risks assessments with SAP.​
  • Which manual actions for your Credit risks assessments can be automated.​
  • How to combine your internal & external information for Credit Risks assessment.
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Jaap Walsweer

Credit management Specialist, SOA People

SAP Finance consultant with extensive knowledge of the Credit management market​

Chris Kolder

Account manager Credit management, SOA People

+14 years of IT experience and helped many customers optimizing their processes

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