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SAP S/4HANA Project at chocolaterie Galler

SAP S/4HANA Project at chocolaterie Galler: An International Brownfield conversion approach requested by End-Users to Improve Processes and Get the Most Out of SAP Technology

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22 October 2020
30 minutes

Following significant and positive transformational change, Galler has realigned its processes for better adhesion and efficiency.

Today, the new processes have enabled better adhesion and better efficiency. So much so that the users are in complete agreement to evolve towards SAP S/4HANA which will allow better interoperability and proactivity. SAP S/4HANA gives Galler the opportunity to move into the 21st Century and create a new collaborative management culture.

Follow the "chocolate route" from Belgium to Brazil and discover a unique project, from financing to procurement, with a taste of robotics and AI that goes through the strong partnership between Galler and the SOA People teams.


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Dr. Tamas Szirtes

Group Innovation Director, SOA People 

SAP Mentor, SAP S/4HANA Distinguished Engineer, 22 years experience at 100+ customers.

Claude Favreau

External advisor and SAP project director at Galler

Claude has more than 25 years of experience in SAP projects. He lead the ECC6 and BPR projects at Galler and is the key player in the migration project.

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