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3P gains continuity and reliability over it's SAP landscape

3P needed a long-term partnership approach for SAP maintenance and support and chose the managed, Cloud-Based SOA People Private Cloud Hosting solution to meet its goals.
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With almost 50 years’ experience, 3P designs and manufactures state of the art high performance plastics and composite products for the automotive, aerospace, energy and oil and gas industries. At the turn of the 21st century and engaged in a continuously expanding market, 3P’s development has now moved towards the concept of custom-built solutions.

The Challenge

3P had been using SAP for a number of years to support their business operations globally. The organisation had existing SAP systems in place, but wanted to improve the way it maintained its SAP servers and the security around its data to better address its business needs.

The annual costs of SAP maintenance was an increasing issue and questions were being raised about the value they were currently getting. The incumbent service provider contract was coming to an end and 3P wanted to find a new SAP maintenance provider who could help them better manage costs and improve SAP data processing performance and security, and at the same time ensuring transparency of service to its 110 users.


  • Continuous availability
  • Improved response times:
  • Enhanced data security
  • Consolidation of SAP support andmaintenance to a single partner
  • Partnership approach for SAP support over the long-term
  • Predictable subscription pricing
“The stand-out qualities of the extremely competent technical team at SOA People was impressive. Their involvement and responsiveness ensured we experienced a professional and successful project,” Bruno Begel, IT Project Manager.