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Performer keeps Solvay safe from threats to its SAP security

Solvay has to reduce cyber risks and anticipate fraudulent activities that threatens its SAP landscape. PERFORMER was used to give recommendations based on hard facts to support its future security strategy.
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As a global leader in materials, chemicals and solutions, Solvay works to solve critical industrial, social and environmental challenges in planes, cars, batteries, smart and medical devices, water and air treatment. It operates in 62 countries with over 125 industrial sites and 27,000 employees. Its portfolio of more than 2,000 products across key markets includes SOLVAir® Marine which is set to cut down air pollution induced by ships and ferries; a project closely watched by an industry in need of urgent solutions to curb its emissions.

The Challenge

To drive growth, Solvay’s acquisition strategy integrates new data and processes into the organisation. Due to the nature of its business there is a high risk of industrial espionage and to protect this sensitive data stringent IT security levels are required. The firm must also comply with France’s Military Programming Law.

Solvay wanted to build and implement a plan for SAP security management that would provide comprehensive visibility of potential weaknesses in its Segregation of Duties and internal process controls. To reduce vulnerability and cyber risks which threatened its SAP platforms, the chemical leader needed to anticipate potentially fraudulent activities within its business processes executed in SAP.


  • Gains 360-degree visibility based on how Solvay’s SAP platforms are monitored and controlled.
  • Anticipates audit requests with automated compliance reports and dashboards.
  • An improved and effective SAP security management with action plans built on factual, tangible and irrefutable elements.
  • Increases productivity and saves time with rapid access to global and detailed evidence, automated controls and Segregation of Duties monitoring.
  • Creates a continuous improvement process based on the gains generated.

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“PERFORMER is a very ergonomic solution which gives us real and significant time savings. This solution allows us to anticipate CAC requests to secure and streamline the audit process. " Patrice Chelim, Head of Information Risks & Security, Solvay